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7 weeks post op total hysterectomy!

Hi ladies, I'm a newbie 😊

I had a total hysterectomy, with cervix removed on the 29/09/15. 7 weeks ago!

I didn't really want to have the hysterectomy but couldn't take much more!

I have one daughter, aged 8, I'm just 45, I was not pre menopausal!


I am in as much pain now as I was before the operation, the only benefit I now have is no bleeding, which is a blessing. However saying that its terribly confusing too!

Firstly let me explain things. I suffered terribly with back ache for the age of approximately 21/22! My periods were painful and I bled fairly heavily, but for only a day and a half as a rule! I never really went on the pill as I didn't want all the side effects of it, not realising that it would probably have helped me. I never went to the doctors about my periods as I believed it was normal! When I went into a long term relationship I did have the Depo injection, which completely took my periods away and caused significant weight gain! After two years of this I decided to come off this as well. Condoms were our only form of contraception. My periods came back and again they were painful and heavy. During these years the backache had gotten increasingly worse, to the point I was now seeing a musculoskeletal specialist. My marriage ended and I eventually started a new relationship and managed (miraculously) to conceive and had a very complicated and difficult pregnancy, but successfully had a little girl, who as I said is now 8!

My musculoskeletal specially diagnosed a disc bulge at L5 and arthritis in both hips as I now had pains in my groins and hips. At this time I was 37!

Tooing and froing continued and I thought I was going insane, a diagnosis of fibermyalgi was given!! I continued to be in agony and continued to frequent the doctors. One of which asked me... "What do you want to add to your list of ailments today?" Needless to say I became very upset and became reluctant to go to the doctors as I felt they didn't believe me! I avoided my own GP!

Things carried on as they were, but in 2014 I became very ill, I started to lose my hair, I had diarrhoea for two weeks and excruciating pain in my left side, I knew something was wrong! I went to a family wedding on 5th April 2014, that night a cyst on my left ovary ruptured, it was agony..... I went to my surgery and saw a female doctor, I thought it was an eptopic pregnancy or a cyst on my ovary, I new in my heart and scientifically it wasn't a pregnancy! She examined me, she gently touched my abdomen on the left, I hit the roof..... Off to the local hospital for a transvirginal ultrasound. There was a 5cm cyst on my left ovary and a smaller one, which they told me had ruptured!

To cut the story down, it took me going private to get to the stage I am now at! However, the GP who asked me what I wanted to add to my list of ailments is now specialising in Endometriosis! He has put me on HRT, Estelle Solo 1mg.... I did experience symptoms of the menopause within 4 days of my surgery, as I said I was not premenopausal! I had hot flushes, night sweats.... my GP was concerned about osteoporosis and persuaded me that HRT was a good idea. My moods are now dreadful, I'm just over 4 weeks taking them, so ,1 packet down and 3 days into my second packet. My moods were not like this before! Also my symptoms are just as bad as pre op! I can tell you know that I would have just had my monthly.... My backache is excruciating and period cramps like no ones business.... How so? I have no womb, ovaries..... Is it the HRT, is it causing a flare up of the Endometriosis? My specialist tried to get out as much as possible, but I too like many ladies had complications, it was fused to my bowels, bladder. I had a recto surgeon in theatre in case I needed a bowel resection, which I avoided. My bowels aren't working on their own. I cannot go to the toilet without laxatives, or litres, and I mean litres of water.... I've seen several doctors since the op, they keep telling me to take laxatives and give it time! It's my body and I know something isn't right! I'm seeing my GP (Mr What do you want to add to your list of ailments today) today at 1520 hrs..... I'm going to suggest coming off HRT and a scan to see what is happening with my bowels as I'm not due to see my Gynaecologist until 11/1/2016.....

Sorry to ramble ladies, but no one else really understands, or they simply don't want to know.....

I hope you are all having a relatively pain free day today....

Sending lots of hugs and love

Jo 💛

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Hi Jo.

I'm so sorry you're having so many issues. I had a total hysterectomy on 8/10/15 and my GP won't put me on hrt because we are unsure if the consultant checked my bowel for endo and she was worried that hrt could cause it to flare up if there was any left.

I hope your follow up went ok and you get the treatment that you need xx


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