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Lap done

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Hey, I’m feeling completely fine and no pain atm even the gas pains don’t seem to be there.

My surgeon found a large cyst on my ovary and drained it and endometriosis in a few places so removed it

My throat is killing me though and being put to sleep was actually kinda nice. As soon as I woke up I asked the nurse if my surgery had been done yet haha. Just struggling to eat as it really hurts to swallow.

Anyone who is nervous for a lap, it’s actually not that bad and I have a fear of hospitals.

The staff are amazing here and the anaesthetist nurse held my hand as I went to sleep

Thank you to all you lovely women on here who have helped me ever since I joined this forum ❤️❤️ xx

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Haha it is the best sleep ever 😏

I’m so glad your lap went well. The theatre staff are always so lovely aren’t they 🙂And although it’s awful to have endo at least you have an answer for your pain & symptoms. And you have proven all those who doubted you wrong that you knew something wasn’t right. 👌🏻You must feel relieved to have answers. I know I did.

I was lucky I didn’t suffer too much with the gas with any of my laps 🙂

Rest up although it’s keyhole surgery doesn’t mean the work they did inside you is.

Drink lots of fluids. I found sucky sweets eased my throat. Soft foods would be best for you. By tomorrow your throat should be better 🙂

Keep a close eye on the incisions if they look at all red weepy or are painful see a nurse ASAP. I’d recommend to wear bandages for a few days ; the second lap I was told to remove my bandages the next day and I ended up with a massive infection in one of my wounds. Not good for recovery. This time I was told to wear them for a week and no infection and I had 5 incisions on my last lap 👍

Wishing you a good quick recovery.

Well done you for going through that ❤️ xoxo

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Even the General Anaesthetic felt okay just slowly drifted off haha. And yeah even though I wouldn’t wish endo on anyone, I’m kinda glad I finally have answers and prove i wasn’t a drama queen.

I’m struggling to eat the sandwich as my throat hurts so much.

The staff are so nice and were good at distracted me haha. The incisions are hurting a little but just feels like when you get a cut etc.

I wanna go home as the old woman next to me is snoring so loud 😫 xx

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Oh no ☹️ and the sore throat is pretty grim , it’s probably because you were under for longer whilst it was removed.

You should be able to go once you’ve had a drink eaten something and had a wee and spoken to your surgeon. Hopefully they’ll arrange a follow up appointment so you can go through it all with them, and ask all the questions you want, it’s a lot to take in. With endo it’s about how to manage it effectively 🙂

Really rest up next few days and you’ll be fine 🙂

I think that’s the worst part of endo is people make you feel like it’s in your head. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Well lovely its not. xoxo

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I’ve eaten and drank but my nurse has to go and admit someone else to surgery so I’m kinda stuck now. My follow up is in 6-8 weeks and my surgeon is busy today so the nurses told me the results

It’s strange as they were telling I’d feel like shit waking up but I just feel a bit weak in my legs xxx

Glad it all went well and they got what needed to b done for u.

Go home chill and have nice couple days sleeping and resting. Xx

Well done lovely!

You've finally got the answers you so desperately needed, and confirmed what you thought too which is great and will go a long way to putting the doubts of others to rest.

When you get home, straight to bed. You will have anaesthetic in your system for a couple of days so will pretty much want to sleep anyway, don't fight it, it's the best part of recovery. Even though it's a keyhole procedure, it's still major surgery, they were poking around inside you and will have caused a certain amount of damage in there, so taking it easy and resting is the best thing you can do. Anaesthetic still in your system will also be why you don't feel much pain at the moment - I really hope it stays away for you in the coming days/weeks, and you can get back to some kind of normalcy fairly quickly.

They should give you wound care advice - I was told to keep dressings on, and not shower for a couple of days (which was horrible, but having a that first shower was really satisfying and made me feel better) until they settled down a little and started to heal. Most importantly, when you do wash around the wound, try not to pull it around too much as it will pull the stitches and potentially cause infection.

Soft foods are the way to go to start with - soup is great as it doesn't take much effort to eat and is nutritious as well, which is what you need to help you recover (though there's a lot to be said for being indulgent and treating yourself in recovery - chocolate, ice cream are always good options too)! :)

Hope you make a speedy recovery and be pain free for a while so you can get on with your life :)


Yeah I have a lot of jelly for this week and soft foods.

It’s strange how a cyst was getting bigger but no scans picked it up or that it hasn’t burst yet xx

I'm glad you are having such a positive experience. I would like to thank you for this post because I have my lap on Monday and I really needed to hear this.

I hope your recovery goes well x

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Hey don’t worry, if you have any questions you can always message me 💕 and thank you xxx

I’m so happy that you finally have answers. What have your parents said about your diagnosis? Definitely just rest up you might feel okay but you don’t want to wear yourself out. Now that the endo has been removed, try and go on a contraceptive or something which will help slow it down from returning again xx

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