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newly diagnosed

Morning ladies,

I had my 1st lap yesterday and am now at home recovering. I didn't get a lot of time with the consultant yesterday so only know the following:

mild endo found - the nurse was trying to decipher his notes so we only know it was found on the left ovary and left side of the pelvis I think she said

I had a lot of fluid, most of which they got rid of but they left some in?

I have a bulky uterus.......what does that mean?

My bowel looked swollen but he said that it was endo free

they sent a biopsy off for histology which I think is standard practice

He said he completely excised the endo, also did a hysteroscopy and did a D&C, he also said he has given me a generous clean out with water and saline I think the nurse said and fitted the mirena. His notes do also mention diathermy??

I was told surgery would take an hour to an hour and a half and I would have one, maybe to incisions but it ended up being over 2 and a half hours with 5 incisions - one of which is about 2 inches above my tummy button and 2 and a half inches to the left which I find odd. I have to see him again in 3 months. They have signed me off for a fortnight because the surgeon said he has done a lot of extensive work in there.

My questions are if its mild endo, why has he done a "lot" of work in there to require me to have two weeks off and permission to go on my holiday to turkey in 3 weeks. I do a desk job but have still beentold I cant take less than 2 weeks.

What is a bulky uterus?

Any idea what the fluid is I had?

I am going to try and ring him later to get the answers but I don't think getting hold a consultant is a particularly quick process because they are so busy


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Morning, hope you are relaxing after your surgery. I had my lap in May and haven't seen the surgeon yet (Nov is my appoint) so I too had to try to work out what my notes meant. I found this link online which seems to explain the different types of endo gynsurgery.org/types-of-end... It seems that you can have mild to severe types but the pain related with them is different?!? Hope this helps you figure some of it out and best of luck with your recovery


Sorry forgot to mention that the pictures are internal ones so graphic. Not for the squeamish!


Well done you for having it done!! Mine is looming.

Have they given you painkillers to bring home?

two weeks off from what I gather is standard, spoke to a lady who had 3 weeks but wishes shed had longer.

think it depends on yourself and how your recovering.

as for your holiday you need go gp and get a longer sick note to cover your hol in Turkey.

This will b great for your recovery, they can't stop you from going away if your signed off sick. As a sick note is a legal document. as your employer they have a duty of care to make sure your fit to work.

Hope this helps xxx


Hi - did you have your lap in general gynaecology by a regular gynaecologist? If so I shouldn't take much notice of the staging as a general gynaecologist may not be experienced enough to know all the many appearances of endo. What he will be saying is that you had a lot in terms of quantity but in his opinion it wasn't deep. This is of course good news but you now need to give yourself time to recover and then monitor your symptoms. Fluid indicates inflammation which is typical of endo and it was noted that your bowel was inflamed. It sounds very much like you were starting with what is called rectovaginal endo that almost always originates from endo on the left ovary and then moves to the bowel and behind the uterus. Diathermy is burning as opposed to excision and he will have done this on what he considered very mild endo.

Unfortunately endo is such that it is sometimes not resolved at the first surgery so if you do find your symptoms continue or you develop back or leg pain and/or bowel/IBS type symptoms come back for advice on where to go from there as you would need to move on to a specialist centre. Hopefully you will feel a lot better but it is always best to know what to look out for and where to come for help if you do need it at a later time.

A bulky uterus can indicate fibroids or a condition called adenomyosis inside the uterus. He should have seen any fibroids but adenomyosis is not as easy to spot so as said before monitor your symptoms. x


sorry the delay ladies and thank you so much for all your responses and kind words!

I am now 5 days post op and not doing too badly - turns out I have six incisions (originally thought five but there is actually 2 under my tummy button dressing). I am tired on and off and obviously a bit battered and bruised but doing ok. Today however, my pelvis is hurting - like it was before the endo was removed and I feel very full down there, particularly when I sit down or when I first stand up. Is this normal??

I have received a letter from the hospital today inviting me for a follow up appointment next Monday - so that would be 12 days post op which I wasn't expecting but I am pleased because it means I can ask all the questions I need to.



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