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Newly diagnosed

Hi guys, would be grateful for any advice or insights following recent confirmation of an endometriosis diagnosis. 

After suspecting I've had it for years, I saw a consultant last week who also did an ultrasound. They found a 5.4cm endometrioma on my ovary and that my ovaries were kissing - stuck together, and both ovaries are stuck to my uterus. They gynae has recommended a laparoscopy to remove the cyst, unstick my ovaries, remove any endo they see and fit a mirena coil. I have pain from my belly button downwards slot of the time and suffer with bloating, could this indicate that I've got endo around my bowels etc. 

I've read on here recommendations to get a referral to a specialist endo centre, should I go for my lap and then take things from there or try to get a referral to a bsge centre and have my lap done there? I'm come under the Kings college nhs trust and saw that they have a bsge centre. Thanks very much in advance!

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YES go to the gp ask for the referral asap do not go ahead with a general gynae doing the lap you need an expert, he will excise fully (hopefully) in one operation xx


Agree with xnanookx, get a referral straight away! Following a lap with a general gynae I'm in agony daily 5 months post op! Wish I had found this site first for the advise!!! Awaiting referral now at bsge! 

A x


Hi I totally agree . Get the referral to a BSGE centre. General gynaecologists tend to miss or not recognise all presentations of endo. Good luck


Agree with all, get a referral to an endo specialist. If you suspect bowel involvement tell them and discuss the need to have a consult with a bowel specialist. I had the endo and bowel surgeons involved in both the consultations and the operation. There can be many risks with the bowel so you need someone who knows what they are doing and they need to be working together with your endo surgeon to get the best outcome for you. Good luck and look after yourself!


Thanks very much everyone, I hadn't even heard about the specialist centres till I found this site. I'll try and get an appointment this week and get a referral. Thanks so much! X


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