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Hospital notes

Good Evening lovely ladies hope you are ok and not in too much pain today.

Just wondered if any of you know if a hospital is allowed to give you your notes and photographs of your endo.

I went to a specialist endo centre on Wednesday after been referred by my GP. It was a bit of a waste of time as they had not received my notes from the hospital where I had my lap in December last year. Burnt off endo on my uterus and have endo on my bowel, but I don't know how bad it is. Have also been told on an ultra sound scan that I have a bulky uterus so not sure if I have adenomyosis.

Just don't want to get to my next appointment with no notes received again.

I am so thankful to you lovely ladies on this site and your advice and support means so much to me.

May you enjoy your evening

Take care lots of love Janet x

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Hi Janet, you can request a copy but some hospitals make a small charge and I don't know how long it takes to get them. I'm going to ask about a copy of my report on Thursday. Hope you're ok sweetie.


Good Evening Jean hope you are ok

Thank you for your kind advice, I will give the hospital a ring tomorrow .

Good luck on Thursday

Take care my lovely and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Lots of love Janet xx


Thanks Janet. Can you let me know what they say when you phone. 

Have a good evening sweetie.


I will do Thank you Jean

Take care lovely

sleep well night night xxx


i think u may be able to arrange to view your notes too. not sure if u could then take photos with your phone?


i always ask my consultant for a copy of any letters they are sending. also same at gp if get any results. have been a god send when i had to see another consultant. 


Good Evening Dawn hope you are ok and not in too much pain.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me much appreciated.

Thank you for your advice I will certainly ask in future.

Have a lovely rest of your evening

Sleep well sweetie take care

Lots of love Janet x


youre welcome. might also be worth checking with your consultants secretary that they have your notes a few days before your appointment x 


I will definitely do that :)

Thanks so much for your advice Dawn means a lot to have support.

I will let you know how I get on

Sleep well lovely goodnight god bless

Take care lots of love Janet xx

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You can ask to see all your hospital notes and GP notes under the freedom of information act, I have all my GP records which shows me what GP wrote at every appointment also copies of all my blood test etc which are really interesting because often blood tests although you've been told they 'normal' they aren't or sometime they are just inside range but very low/ high. THink this cost about £10 but depends how many pages of notes you have , you can also just view them you just ask for an appointment which is quicker normally think you may have to do it in writing but probably depends on practice people often need these details for insurance claims so it quite easily done.  I viewed all my hospital records also and they copied for me what I wanted copied and also explained and deciphered stuff for me really helpful you can request it on a disc but I found it more helpful to look though and just have what I needed. Also they were very helpful with the deciphering handwriting,  Information Governance Office at your hospital I think you need to contact at hospital . It was a while ago I did it but was very interesting think it cost £20 but took a while to do but they have to make them available within a certain amount of time. I contacted them by e mail then sent a cheque I think. You can probably get the ball rolling tonight if you look on you local hospital website under freedom of information maybe . I can probably help more if you get stuck. 

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Also now every time I have a test I ask for a copy so I can check it. Sounds a bit paranoid but when I looked at all my notes I can see often when I'd been told my bloods were ok they weren't. 


Hi Alice lovely how are you feeling today, improving I hope.

Thank you sweetie for your advice really appreciate your help.

I will certainly look into this, can't chance them not having my notes again when I go back.

Take care sweetheart and I will speak with you soon.

Lots of love Janet xx


Hi Janet, if you pm me with your email I can send you the link and you can download the form to print off. 


Thanks Alice for the info about website. I've just downloaded form to print off . Didn't even think about looking on there. 


I think it's really useful to look through your notes over the years  gives you an idea of what the dr heard you say too and what they didn't write down also stuff they said but we didn't hear as often we sort of hear selectively if you know what I mean  !!!! Also reminds you of past issues that may be conected to this or not💗

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Yes you can get a copy of your medical notes and any photographs.  You'll need to fill in a form for it and there may be a small fee to pay. It comes under access to health records and data protection acts - which entitles you to have a copy. Normally takes around 7-10 working days approx. Hope this helps x


Good Evening my lovely hope you are having a good evening with your pain

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me much appreciated

I will definitely request a copy thanks for your advice

Goodnight God bless sweetie sleep well

Lots of love

Janet x


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