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Lap preparation

Hi girls,

Was wondering if you could help me because I don't really know where to ask. I have my lap this coming Tuesday, and need to start preparing for it. My question is, what will I need after? Is there anything I should prepare beforehand? I got time off work (obviously), but not really sure what else to get to be ready.

Any tips?

Also, as much as I want to get it over and done with I am now petrified of this surgery. How did you prepare for it?

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I had mine in April and I took nice comfy pjs with me (it's an idea to have some that are loose around the waistband). You'll need a dressing gown and slippers too because you'll be wearing these while you wait for your op.

I also took things to help me freshen up after like cosmetic wipes, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste etc in case you need to stay overnight. I also bought some windease (to help release the gas after the op) and dulcoease to make it easier to go to the loo after the op. It's also a good idea to drink as much water as you can after the op so it might be good to take some bottled water with you. I also took some magazines to read before and after my op.

It's a good idea to take change of undies and some sanitary towels too because you may bleed a little after your op, I think it's different for everyone and depends on what they do but I personally bled very little but it was still good to have some normal sanitary towels rather than the ones they give you in hospital.

Try not to worry, it's easier said than done but my recovery/pain after was no where near as bad as I expected. Having said that, immediately after don't be shy about asking for pain relief if you are in pain - don't just put up with it.



Thank you :) I will make sure to get all of that. That's great advice! Any advice for when I get home? How did you feel in the days after?

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Had my lap and cyst removed in July, these ladies helped a lot and I was well prepped. I hope it all goes well for you. The first and second night is uncomfortable with the gas, and it's very hard if you don't release that (sorry) so have something like gaviscon with you or something to ease the trapped gas. I also found I got constipated, so have something like milk of magnesia if you are really struggling.

Rest a lot and make sure you take it easy, don't push yourself. Even if they have given you a certain time period by which you should feel yourself, everyone is different.

Try not to be too nervous, I was shaking when I went in, but as soon as the staff spoke to me I calmed down, last thing I recall is the anaesthetist talking to me! you will be fine. The first week might be lousy but then it's all small steps to your recovery.

Be strong, you can get through it and good luck xxx


Thank you :) that's calmed me down already. Just wish it was over and done with haha :)

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I second the pj bottoms with stretchy waist! Although beware, I had to fight with the people in recovery to allow me to leave wearing them - I was literally going across the car park to the car and then home, didn't feel the need for jeans.

A plea which may be specific to my own experience: ask for a copy of your images and results. I was shown mine in recovery but they never materialised at my GP surgery or made it to my notes, just a summary that said "laparoscopy and treatment of endometriosis" which meant I had to explain the pictures I'd seen to my GP who thankfully deciphered this to create a reasonably specific entry on my notes, but often these things are only put on from letters and discharge summaries they receive. To this day I don't really know what stage my endo is as they never said.

Oh, and make sure you have pain killers at home, the first night can be unpleasant with the pain from the gas they pump into you getting trapped so you'll want a comfortable haze for that!

Good luck, it's really not so bad and I'm sure you'll be fine :)


Thank you! I will make sure to ask them for the copy of results, that seems like a good idea. Didn't even think about that :) just hope I won't be too fuzzy to remember after waking up haha


Something that really helped me after my operation was peppermint oil capsules or peppermint tea to relieve the pain in your chest/shoulders from the gas they pump into you. In my experience, the pain in my chest and shoulders was worse than the pain in my stomach where they had operated! I brought pyjamas, new underwear, some pads and a magazine (and my mum for moral support!) honestly it's nothing to worry about, I didn't feel nervous until they were putting me off to sleep and the next thing I knew I was waking up! After the operation I spent about 2 days in bed and then managed to get up and move around by the third day. Took about a week to feel comfortable moving about a lot!

Hope it goes well :)


Thank you :) I'm having my partner with me there for support, so that should be good :)

I'll have to stock up on peppermint tea! :)


Hi just had mine done at the start of Sept, I didn't know what to expect either, I ended up staying over night as they removed quite a bit and I was in theatre a bit longer than expected, I would have taken a book or magazines, def something comfy to wear after - loose pjs and something to wear home, my leggings were a bit tight round my waist! The gas did affect my shoulder but a heat pack and painkillers helped and that went after 2 days, I had very little discomfort from the op but I'm still a bit bloated 3 weeks in and feel tired easily, do give yourself time to recover, I went back to work after a week but I prob could have done with another week! Good luck xx


After your op try move around as much as you can to get rid of any gas bubbles that have been left from the op itself.. Plus a good film too to help you relax ;) good luck for your operation!


I had 2 weeks off from work.

I did wear some loose jeans and clothes for after surgery. I forgotten a dressinggown, but the hospital put 2 gowns on me to make sure i was covered and decent. My partner took me to hospital and he waited for me when i came out and he drove me home. He made sure everyday i was downstairs before he went to work and i started slowly to built up more strength everyday. I just taken ibrobrufen and paracetamol for pain relief.

I did take some medication for my tummy before the operation not to get constipated after surgery, because of lack of movement and diet change.

I was very nervous, but staff of hospital was very friendly and nice to me. It is not want you want to do, but have to do and you will be fine.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!!

Best regards,




You'll b fine i've got to have a fourth one and im just as scared as when i went for the first one, things you'll need some sanitary pads or liners and some extra dressings they will provide you with some but just incase u need more id get some as a precautionary and some pjs or comfortable baggy clothes n wipes part from that you should be fine xx good luck xx


This article covers everything you need to know!


Bring extra jammies etc. Incase you are kept in longer than expected. I agree with the peppermint, it is amazing in capsules, gum, tea - really helps!

Lots of luck for your op xx


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