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Preparation for my first lap... What do I need to know/ do?

Hi all, firstly thank you so much for all your support in relation to my shambolic trip to a&e yesterday! Feeling a bit better today. Still can't stand but feeling better!! Right, What do I need to do " downstairs"? also do I wear my wedding ring? What did you use to get you through recovery? Did you want to eat/ drink? Am I expecting too much from it as I am thinking 5 days later I will be back in work?

Thank you in advance for all your help! Xxxxx

Sending happy healthy vibes to you all xxxxx

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Hi, glad you are feeling a little better now. As for lap have they given you info letter? You have to remove all jewellery and as they made an incission in my bikini line I had to shave about an inch down from hairline. You can either go down nickerless or wear them then remove them when you get to thwarted and tuck them in your slippers or dressing gown which will be put in bag and taken back to ward with you. Make sure you remove all makeup and nailvarnish too! I left all my jewellery at home as didn't want anything lost, the funny thing is I put my belly button piercing back in a few days later and as my scars healed it grew out as my body seemed to want to heal that too! Very strange when I realised it had actually fallen out of my skin!! Anyway as fir going back to work I had to work 6 days later as run my own business and didn't have a choice, but wish I didn't was 10 days before I felt better to work and more like2 months before I felt back to normal but everyone's different ! The majority of people say at least a week so if you can have longer off then do and if you feel better you could always go back sooner but my advice is don't rush as I'm sure that's why it took me longer to feel better from over doing it! Or Aldo dépends on tour job as toi definately sont sang to stand for long. Good luck and hope thats answered your questions x


Hi, It all depends on what you are having done and how many incisions you have for recovery. My first lap not much done but because endo was that extensive it took me 2 weeks before I was back at work. My second lap where I had a lot of work done and approx 4 hour op it has taken me ages to get back to normal. I was off work for 7 weeks and I am currently on a phased return to work. My job is active and I'm always on the go so I had to be some what able to cope with going back. You do need to rest so you will heal well.

As for the lap, lillyflower has given you fab advice and I would also say to take elasticated trousers and slip on shoes to go home in as if you were anything like me your belly will be that big you can't bend over. Also take a cushion so the seal belt doesn't rub on your belly. Are you staying in over night? I did and I would advise a nightie not pj's as you can move more freely and also some sanitary towels. I shaved and trimmed my lady bits because I didn't know where the incision would be!

For food I did take a couple of snacks with me but I was hooked on the morphine machine so food didn't really enter my head until the next day! Peppermint tea is good for digestion and wind. Magazines or something to occupy your mind before your op. The hospital also gave me pain killers to go home with and an after care sheet. When is your op?

Good luck and rest well before and after X.


Hi. Glad you are feeling a little better. Great advise from these ladies. Just wanted to add in the great wound care advise I was given. I cleaned the wounds everyday after the third day after surgery. I kept the wounds covered for the 10 days even when showering. I cleaned the wounds in sterilise solution with a cotton bud. The only trouble I found is that my stitches never dissolved and I returned to get them removed. I was a little obsessive with my wounds but they healed well and no issues.

I was surprised to feel so knocked out for the week following surgery. I had a week off work and was lucky enough to have a holiday week off following so had two weeks off. Peppermint tea was a god send. When they said you might get shoulder pain from the gas they pump into you I was dismissive, yet was in annoying from it. I took the pain relief I was given regularly and rested lots. Take it easy after your op and good luck. Xxx


Hiya, Hope all goes well! I had my most recent lap 2 months ago.

I took all my jewellery off, but there were women on my ward who left their rings on, and they then taped over it to secure it, but I didn't want to risk it going missing.

Food wise- you may find it difficult to eat at first when you wake up after having the oxygen tube during op it can leave your throat quite dry!! I took flapjack in as my snack but just couldn't get it to go down. Personally I would advise if you are able to have something smooth. I was offered a yoghurt by the hospital staff, but if you've got someone going in with you then maybe they could bring you some yoghurt or similar for when you wake up. Just a little extra energy from food can be helpful!

Peppermints/peppermint tea is good for any trapped gas pain in your shoulder.(And when I got home I found a warm hot water bottle really helped with that too).

As for your downstairs, I had a full wax 2 days before, but if you've not had that done before then shaving is just as good, just means it's easier for them to makes incisions wherever they need.

As ladies have said before comfortable clothes are so important. I found it quite difficult to stand straight for a few days after and difficult to raise my arms, so I found cardigans better than jumpers/hoodies/t-shirts etc. Slip on shoes that way you don't have to bend down to tie them etc.

Work-wise it does depend on your job. I work in an office and get lifts to work with my colleague who lives 2 miles down the road from me. I had my lap on a Friday and then had the following week off. I went back in feeling tired but glad to go back. My office were very understanding of what my lap was for, and my limitations throughout recovery so I didn't have to do much for a couple of weeks after returning to work. I would suggest if you have to do any lifting- take more time off!

As for at home - will you have someone with you? I was hungry (and so thirsty) the first night, but after that wasn't up to big meals, so easy to reach snacks are great for the first few days. I also made a box of everything I could possibly need during the day for when my husband went back to work. Meant I barely had to move all day!

Hope these are helpful - the ladies above have pretty much covered it :-)

All the best x


Thank you all. Lots of help and advice! Makes me feel more prepared!!

I am having a 1hour exploratory lap to confirm it is endo. I don't really know a lot about it but I have a list of questions for then when I go in next Wednesday!!!

Hope your all having pain free days and enjoying the sun!! Xxx


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