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Eeek! Lap next tuesday

Had my first appointment with gynecologist on Monday. Had my internal examination and was told I need a diagnostic lap which would probably be next year.

Then had a call from the hospital advising they had a cancellation for next Tuesday!! I've been in so much pain since my examination, I'm glad I've got a sooner appointment but now feel I've not got time to prepare myself. That me be a good thing so I'm not stewing and mulling over everything.

Just needed to check with those who have had a diagnostic lap, how long it took and how long you were in hospital for? I'm going into a day unit so will be out same day.

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Hi, I had my first lap last week, I wrote a long post to describe exactly what happened. If you click on my name you can read it. Basically I arrived at 7.30am and was on my way home by 1.20pm. It wasn't my best day ever but wasn't the worst either! Everyone at the hospital was really kind. You are super lucky to get lap so quickly even if it doesn't feel like it right now!

I prepared by stocking up on mint tea and mints for relief of bloating and gas pain, pain killers and I cooked some of my favourite meals and froze them. My husband booked 5 days off work and I have had lots of cups of tea in bed and caught up on loads of TV box sets! I packed an overnight bag for the hospital with books and magazines so I was ready for any eventuality but I didn't need any of it.

I had 3 weeks to get ready from when I saw gynae to day of lap and I am glad it wasn't any longer, glad to get it out of they way.


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Hi hun

It will be better to go and have it done the sooner the better. I've had 2 laps and my first I was out the same day but wasn't done by a Endo specialist but my second one in March this year was 3 days in hospital as had so much done they had to keep me in so really it depends on what they do and if you need monitoring for a few days.

Great advice from Betty. Just make sure you've enough meals cooked and snacks etc and plan a bit of time to catch up on TV or find some box sets. Desperate housewives I watched again this year. So many episodes and about 8 series that passes the time quickly.

I needed 5 months off after my lap but had to have more surgery on my bladder in that time too and recently found out my bowel has collapsed after my last lap as had a lot of Endo removed off bowel so I haven't recovered to well. So really it depends on personal experience. Some of the ladies on here go back to work after a couple of weeks but if you get infections after etc you'll need more time to recover. I had 8 infections after my last lap......I'm not the luckiest person lol but that's just my experience and everyone is different hun.

Good luck you'll be fine xx


I went in for 7:00am and I was home by 3pm more so because of traffic and I had quite a lot removed so my recovery afterwards was a bit longer! Have it done as soon as 100% the amount you will feel better afterwards is second to none! Best decision I made as it has given me my life back and I only had mine August 26th of this year. Good luck!! X


I had mine done last friday and like betty i have written a post on what happened. I had to stay overnight so be prepared just in case.

Good luck xxx


I'm so jealous! I visited my gyni at beginning of October and got put on the pill for 6 months! Just want to be better!


Thank you everyone for your replies. It's been reassuring having this forum and the support of others going through the same thing.

I'm taking some essentials with me just incase I need to stay in hospital, I suppose it better to be prepared for the worst?


I had mine last Tuesday. I was there for 7.45am, was first in theatre by 9am, and would have been ready to leave by 2pm but the prescription took four hours to prepare! My experience was the best it possibly could be with a great team looking after me at Dorset County Hospital. Good luck, you'll be fine x


Good luck xx mine is on Friday you're right this forum is very helpful and supportive. I'm going to pack an overnight bag in case I need it X


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