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I have decided due to the NHS waiting times that I am going to get my Lap done privately. This is all completely new to me and i have so many questions for anyone that has been through a similar experience.

I was referred by my GP to a gynecologist last year who then sent me for scans, tests swabs etc. She then decided to refer me for a lap to diagnose endo. Im currently on the NHS waiting list but have been told i will be looking a June time for the Lap which i just dont feel i can wait for due to the pain im in.

Awaiting a consultation date from my private consultant. Does anybody know if they will just use my notes, scan results and test results from the NHS rather than me having to do all of that again? Will he just do a normal consultation and then give me a Lap date straight after? Will i need to have another pre-op assessment privately even though ive had one on the NHS? How long will i be looking at waiting with private care?

If anyone has any experiences of this please share- im so nervous!!

Thank you :)xx

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  • It can be really fast so try not to fret. Just make sure they use excision rather than ablation! That's a key question to ask. Gather all your results from the NHS tests and bring that with you to the first consultation but do prepare a list of questions so you're prepared. Where are you based?

  • Think im starting to get stressed with waiting because im just so desperate to be out of pain- its driving me crazy!!

    What exactly is the difference between both excision and ablation, i have heard of both of them but didnt realise that one was better than the other!!

    Im based in West Yorkshire. :)

  • You're in a good location then as I think (from reading other ladies posts) that some of the best excision specialists are based there.

    My understanding is that excision cuts away the implants while ablation essentially burns it. I've had both excision and ablation too. I am currently recovering from excision. Excision has been found to be a more successful way of treating the disease.

    There are some Facebook groups I've found useful for info and what questions you should ask at consultation etc. One in particular is endo revisited U.K. Have a look at that and best of luck. It's such a rough disease and the pain can be horrific. Wishing you lots of luck. x

  • Just received my consultation date for next Tuesday. He seems like a very good specialist doctor so fingers crossed!

    Ah i see, i will make sure i speak to him about the methods he uses if endo if found! Do you know if any scans or tests that were done on the NHS will need to be re-done by him? Hoping he can just use those results!

    I will deffo have a look into them- thank you so much for your help i really do appreciate it. :) Take care xx

  • Perhaps phone his secretary today and ask. He should have access to the NHS records online but would be good if you had any letters etc to hand to him. Hope you get on okay. It's a long process but hopefully we will both see light at the end of the tunnel soon. X

  • Please make sure that you're seeing an endo specialist and not a general gynae - just because you're paying to see the consultant privately doesn't necessarily mean they are the best person to see. I had surgery at a private hospital with a general gynae and he wasn't able to treat my endo and had to refer me on to another specialist at an NHS hospital. I know it feels like you can't wait but it is really important to make sure that you're getting the right care.

    If you google bsge centre there is a list of (mostly NHS) centres that specialise in treating endo - from this you should be able to find the drs that work at them, most of whom will have private practices.

  • As far as i can remember from what the woman i spoke to earlier was saying i believe he is an endo specialist or possibly a general gynae with endo as a 'specialty' but i deffo will look into it. :)

    Thank you so much. :)

  • Please do - a general gynae with endo as a speciality isn't necessarily an endo specialist.

    If you look here it gives a list of the endo centres + the consultants that work at them

  • Thank you hun- I appreciate your concern. :)

    Hope you are well. X

  • I had my first lap done privately. I had to have an ultra-sound scan re-done before my lap but other than that I don't think i had another tests re-done. It was in 2011 so a while ago and two more NHS surgeries since so could be wrong! I waited about 5 weeks from seeing the consultant initially to my surgery. This was diagnosis for me and removal of a cyst, and insertion of mirena so I was told i had endo but it wasn't treated as my main reason for the lap was removing a large dermoid cyst. Do make sure you know what your surgeon is going to do and don't rush into it. Make sure to ask if they can use your NHS notes and results, as unless you have a fixed cost deal all additional tests will be charged for! If i'm honest I think my NHS care has been slower but more thorough than i received privately. Good luck, I hope you get the answers you want.

  • Hey, thank you so much for your reply- it really helped.

    Im hoping and praying they dont make me go through all the scans/tests. I really am desperate for some answers :( just hoping is a real short waiting time.

    Thank you for sharing your experience- makes you feel less lonely when you know others understand what you are going through.

    Thanks again- take care. :)xx

  • Hi I have done the exact same as you for my last op as being messed around with NHS and needed a 13cm endometrioma removed. As long as you have a go refferal they have all your NHS notes and scans. Best of luck with it xxx

  • Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for replying. Have you already had your Op privately or waiting for it? Im hoping its straight forward and i can just get a date asap!

    Thanks again, hope you are well :)xxx

  • Hi yea I had it the beginning of jan I waited 3 weeks for it but that was because Christmas was inbetween I saw the private dr 19th Dec had op 6th jan xx

  • Ah i see- thats good in terms of waiting times over Christmas! Think going privately will be a good choice for me.

    Hope you are recovering well. :)xx

  • Yes it was all done quite quick had my MRI the day before my op too and got my follow up this week. Try and see a bsge specialist if you can going private. Best of luck with it xx

  • Thanks hun. :) Will let you know how i get on with my first consultation tomorrow! xx

  • I'm also interested in looking into private treatment due to NHS wait times, although my reasoning is to do with fertility concerns rather than pain (mine sounds relatively mild now that I've heard more of what some women suffer). Does anyone have any rough estimates of how much you should expect to pay for a private lap for diagnosis and possible excision? I realise it probably varies a lot (I'm London based if that makes a difference) but some estimate would be really helpful in deciding whether its even a possibility for me to spend time investigating or not. Since my cysts and adhesions are on both my ovaries I'm concerned waiting for the NHS will further reduce my chances of conceiving naturally (which my husband and I would like to start trying in the next year). Thanks!

  • Hey,

    Hope you're doing okay. I completely understand why you are keen to go private. It can be really worrying to have no answers and not know what is actually happening to your body. I think going private, if its affordable, its the best option and hopefully you will get the best care possible.

    I haven't really looked too much into the finance side of private care as i have a work cover for health insurance that pays for any health care i need privately. I have an excess of £150 to pay but that is all. I think if you inquire you can get rough estimates for the amount you would be looking at paying.

    My experience so far of private care has been amazing- i have go appointments just days after looking into it, so hopefully your waiting time will be dramatically reduced!

    Hope you get sorted soon- take care :)xxx

  • Hi this is why I went private I had a 13cm cyst on my ovary and NHS had a long waiting list I saw my private dr 19th jan had op 6th jan as it was xmas but still happened rather quick so was very happy xx

  • Hi. I had a lap privately and she tried zoladex which wasn't appropatite for me as I had already had my ovaries removed. When she agreed on surgery it was on a Tuesday and I had the lap on the Monday following so v quick. BUT it was ablation and I saw no change in pain. It cost £3.5k. I'm now awaiting excision at bsge clinic on NHS as told need colorectal surgeon there and when I asked was told that would cost upwards if £10k.

    I know it's hard but get some decent pain relief form gp - I used tramadol and duloxetine- and get on bsge waiting list.

    Even if gynae does lap for diagnosis they may not look in all places necessary and then not treat so you'd be no longer along.

  • Hey Marcia,

    Thank you so much for replying.

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties with private care and Op's! Thankfully i get the private care paid for by my work place under there health care policy. I think this is what has pushed me to go for it as i wouldn't want to have wasted my money if i could have gone through the NHS.

    My first appointment is tomorrow with a private consultant. Im going to discuss all my options with him and ask how long he thinks i will be waiting for a Lap.

    Im hoping that i can have it in the next week or so but im not holding my breath!

    Hope you are doing okay!xxx

  • Hello I agree you need to make sure you see a consultant that specialises in endometriosis I see a gynaecologist and a bowel consultant at Colchester hospital they are both very experienced, so I know I will get the appropriate care needed. I have been given leaflets about the condition things I never even thought about. I saw a gynaecologist in 2013 they said after my hysterectomy you can live your life now the endometriosis has gone yeah right he was very wrong it's worse than ever 🙁 So please get as much information as possible this website has been a great help to me, their is always someone to talk to x

    Good luck Paula x

  • Sorry to hear about the previous consultants lack of understanding! Im glad you have find good care that you need and deserve!

    I'm not sure if it is an endometriosis specialist that im seeing but i have a lot of questions when i go tomorrow- hopefully i will come out of the appointment with a lot more answers than i have ever got in the NHS.

    Thank you for your help- Hope you are doing well. :) xxx

  • Hey, if you see the same doctor as you were due to see via nhs they usually will have access to your notes/test results. Otherwise you may have to request a copy to bring with you (I'd do this anyway).

    Some things may need to be repeated but not all. From what you've said I'd say they'll go with consult and then straight to op date. It could be a matter of booking you in next week, at any rate you are talking weeks rather than months.

    Be aware if you are in Northern Ireland and go for so much as 1 consult privately you will be taken off the nhs list for treatment and have to pay for all further care for the health condition, in this case endo, yourself in future... I'm not sure what the nhs stance is elsewhere.

    Since you are going for a diagnostic lap I'd say going privately is worthwhile. They will open you up and have a look about but not do too much work (depending on how much theatre time is allotted). Mild endo it will probs be dealt with there and then. More severe disease would usually be dealt with at a later date during a second surgery (could be a multidisciplinary approach needed or simply more time). In a lot of cases severe disease (eg bowel involvement) can only be dealt with in an nhs setting as access to an icu is required for your safety and this largely isn't available in private hospitals.

    Hope that helps, good luck with everything x

    Ps agree with other posters that bsge endo specialist is essential, along with excision. Also agree nhs slower but more thorough - I went for what I thought was routine lap privately, more complex found, they couldn't do anything but close me up as no icu. . . Complete waste of money (6.5k) and time. As I said though for diagnostic would be worth it just check they don't take you off the nhs list in meantime - it could be useful to stay on it just incase you need further surgery more major surgery (less of a wait) x

  • Thank you so so much for replying- It was really helpful.

    Unfortunately its a bit late now for me to request scan and test results as my appointment is tomorrow morning! I'm hoping that if they need the results they can request them from the NHS. Not sure how long that will take but i think its out of my control now. :(

    I'm in England. I've not heard of that before however if that is the case im hoping i can have all the treatment i need privately! As far as i am aware, i am still on the NHS waiting list. Going to leave it as that until after i've had my Lap privately- just in case they wont do it!

    My app is tomorrow so i should know much more then and have a lot of my questions answered (fingers crossed.) I'm so desperate for answers that I dont think i can wait for an NHS date. :(

    Thank you so much, i appreciate all your help.

    Take care. :)xx

  • Hey ladies,

    Had my appointment with the private consultant today!

    He is an endo specialist thankfully!! Asked all the questions that i had, explained everything that i was going through and had an internal examination. He has put me straight forward for a Lap in the next few weeks (just waiting for a date) as he strongly suspects endo from my symptoms. He is also going to fit the coil whilst im under. This way if he doesn't find endo im not going to be left the same as how i feel now!

    Feel so relieved and happy, just cannot wait for my op date now! Could certainly tell a huge difference in the level of care privately compared to the NHS! Would recommend to anybody that is able to go privately!

    Thanks so much for all your help on this. :) xxx

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