has anyones Lap made the pain worse than before???????? Is this normal???

Im sorry to post again, just really need some help. The Docs arent being helpful at all:( I had my first Lap on the 5th Sept for excision of Endo on my POD and US Ligaments. Before the lap I had pain maybe 70% of the time. After my lap I haven't had a day without pain, and the pain is way worse and different to before. I haven't got a urine infection and my bowel movements are fine(sorry!!!), and im not pregnant:( What could it be? Has the lap made it worse? The lap was 4 months ago now so surely I must be out of pain by now. The doc just sends me away with painkillers and doesn't think to find out "why" it is worse now. The Lap was supposed to help, at least for a few months anyway. Dont know what to do:(

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  • Hi snow11 SNAP!!!!! I'm stuggling to take pain killers now as well. I seen endo nurse last week she said some of mine is they left some behind when they did op, but she also said that it will take another 2-3 months to heal and the area in side was still gonna be very raw my 1st op was end of sept this year. I think the op has made mine far worse than before. This is a cruel horrid decease and only us with this endo under stand our suffering the gp's don't know enough about the decease my doc admitted it to me, and it's so hard to get to see the specialist.

  • Hi it sounds like you might have a bit of nerve damage from surgery, if pain killers are not helping go and see your doctor. X

  • Thanks so much to both if you for replying:) Geminijo yes it is such a horrid thing to have, maybe I'm just going to be in pain now and that's that! I wonder if they left any behind? She said she got it all? How would I be able to tell? Another lap?

    And moff_cat, nerve damage, that's interesting, pain killers def don't do anything at all. And the pain is diff to before, like sharper? How would I find out? What can be done? The docs are so useless they just send me away each time with no answers:( Do you have nerve damage?

    Thank you so much again, nice to know there are people out there to speak to x xx

  • Hi

    I have muscle/nerve damage from a lap 7 weeks ago, for me it was obvious that it was related to the procedure rather than endo pain as the pain is very high up to the right of my belly button, it's was definitely not gynae pain and not pain in areas that were operated on, instead it's from where the surgeon cut through the muscles on the right side to access the endo etc. Also it's the most persistently severe pain I've ever had and couldn't move without screaming or crying for weeks, it's finally settling down but if I do anything remotely too much it sets it off (and by too much I mean washing up for 15 mins etc!). For me it was a very sharp pain and the best way I could describe it was that it's how I imagine the pain would be if you were shot in the stomach! I was on oramorph (morphine) for weeks and it wasn't touching the pain! First i was given anti-bionics but after 7 day course they did nothing. I then saw a pain specialist at 5 weeks post lap (referred by my gynae), he said it was muscle and nerve damage and the pain was from muscle spasm where it was struggling to knit together and heal and would recover in time but would take quite a while, he prescribed some drugs, including pregrabin to help speed the muscle recovery up but I have been trying to cope without them as fed up of taking drugs other than painkillers. I then had a scan at nearly 6 weeks post lap to rule out anything sinister causing the pain, mainly to rule out a clot in the muscle as that can mask an infection inside the clot. It is slowly getting better and I can move without screaming the place down now but it's definitely taking a while to settle down. My advice would be to make sure your consultant knows that you are having pain that has been ongoing since your lap, phone his secretary and get a message through as ultimately it is your gynaes responsibility to ensure nothing untoward is going on x

  • Hi Hayls

    thank you so much for your reply, wow it really sounds like you have been going through hell, really awful poor you:( I dont think mine is nearly as bad as yours. I can move around, im working. I just manage to hold it together for the day at work and then collapse when I get home. But im struggling more and more as the pain is getting worse. Finding it harder and harder to cope with things. I have tried going back to exercise a couple of times, but it makes the pain so much worse the next day. It wasnt like this before the Lap, I was really active. Certain movements make it "twinge", but its just there ALL the time, im bad at describing pain, but its like a sharp ache?? Diff to before, but a lot lower down than yours. My ovary areas and then really far down in the middle.

    Right, maybe that is the next step then, call the surgeon. I went to my post op a couple of months ago and she said that it was just healing

    I just dont know what no-one has thought to try to figure out why the pain is soooo much worse, rather than just giving painkillers

    Im supposed to go away end of Dec for a few months as im a snowboarder, so time is running out, but so worried im not going to be able to cope with it:(:( Travelling, training, competing....can barely manage a day at work in a gift shop!!! x x x

  • Hi

    One tip I do have for endo pain and snowboarding is Econac suppositories, I found them amazing on my last 2 snowboarding trips, would have really struggled without them. They are a form of diclofenac and last 24hrs and I found they numbed the endo pain really well and don't make you drowsy which is big plus when on top of a mountain! My GP has been happy to prescribe them for me so may be worth asking and getting stocked up on them for your trip - I'm jealous as I can't go out this winter and my sister is out now doing the ski season x

  • Hi Snow11, I have had nerve damage through my own stupidity of slicing the centre of my thumb open which was more a contsant sharp pain and pain killers won't touch it. I know that with excision there is a higher risk of nerve damage than laser treatment. I think that it would be good to get a blood test to rule out a low level infection and test to see if it is a clot like hayls had done. If it is nerve damage you will need to be referred to a pain management specialist. Definatly get intouch with the hospital too, push from all angles it always seems like a battle with the NHS! Good luck. X

  • Hi i had lap with treatment for end in july ever since ive been in pain drs wrote t hospital t say i was in constant pain but hospital say they didnt recieve letter got appointment on 19dec. Day 2 of extreme pain cant get t work drs say t take more co codamol but still mass pain dont know wot do cant stand upright im that bad keep goin dizzy n sooo tired is thisnormal?thanks

  • I have had pain ever since my lap over a year ago, everyday. I have had the implant in and that didn't help until about 4 months ago and now I get it every other day if I'm lucky but I was told its nerve damage from surgery and no amount of painkillers will help it unfortunately, it gets easier to deal with though, sorry I wasn't of much help,

    Leya :)

  • wow this is all great help, thank you so much. Definitely going to ask my Doctor for Econac Suppositories, anything that numbs the pain so I can carry on snowboarding;)

    The nerve damage thing really sounds like it could well be whats causing the pain. Im booked to go back to my Docs on Friday 13th (unlucky???!), ill suggest this to her and push a bit more to get some answers. Feel I need to fight more (from what all you guys are saying)

    Someone told me on that it takes a really skilled surgeon to remove Endo from your POD??? And that some wont touch it if its there?? Is that true? Do you think thats why this might have happened?? nerve damage?

    Thank you all so much again, you dont know how much it means to know that there are others out there. Hope you are all ok and not in too much pain x x

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