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I had a lap yesterday an got a lot of endo removed is it normal that I'm a lot more pain today more than yesterday I was awake all night with pain but I'm n agony today is it true it gets worse before it gets better i have had laps before but I think the pain is because they have removed endo I'm taking ibreprofen paracetamol tramadol an oramorph I'm also finding it had to pass water I feel like I need to go but takes about 10 mins has anybody got any advice for me xxxxx

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The urinary retention is a known complication of surgery (esp. gynae surgery) and in most cases eases off after a few days - some cases take a few weeks or in my case took 17 months but rest assured most cases resolve quickly.

What causes it is usually a mix up of the natural cycle of electrical impulses which operate the bladder sending signals to tell you are full and opening the urethra to empty it out.

When working normally you don't feel these electrical spasms at all, but your body has the automatic going to the loo thing under control.

When the electrical signals are knocked out of whack the process dosn't work as it should do, the bladder spasms (which you cannot feel) are firing off out of sequence and this leads to problems having a pee. It can work the other way and you can't hold it it in, but usually after an op the retention is the big nuisance

If you find it doesn't ease off but you are still able to go a little then visit your GP for meds that can relax the bladder muscles and ease of the electrical impulses which should be enough to improve things - may over compensate and have you rushing to the loo - but that is preferable to being stuck.

If at any time you find you cannot pee at all - get to A&E, explain that you are post op and cannot pee and they will help you empty the bladder and give you meds.

I there is any consellation it happens to men more than women, but it's still very uncomfy and can get quite painful as pressure builds up.

Seek medical help if you need it. There is help available for this and best of luck for a not too long lasting problem.

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Hi! I had my first lap on Tuesday and feel like I'm getting worse before I get better. They removed a lot of endo from lots of different places but I seemed to get the impression that the doc thought I would be back to work within a few days? Maybe I picked her up wrong. How long should I be off? Still feel like I've been hit by a bus xx


You should be having 2 weeks of work and longer if your body is not ready u shouldn't be driving until after 7 days and then again if ur ready


It might be the oramorph? I've had two bouts of severe retention since Xmas and both times I was on oramorph? Go to a&e as soon as pressure starts to build (when u really feel u need to go!) don't wait until you are bursting - I did and big big mistake. X


I had my lap last Friday I was feeling really poorly iv just found out my blood level is far to low and iv got to have blood transfusion I also have got an infection in my site wound. Yet a week after my op I'm still feeling do poorly I'm hoping once I get more blood I will start to feel better.


Hi Turner23, I'm sorry to hear you're not the best at the moment. Thanks for the info. I'm currently waiting on the doctor calling to speak to me about going back but I do feel like I need another week. Take care xx


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