2nd lap

Hi ladies, I'm in a state of disbelief at the moment... I had my first lap 8 months ago where it was confirmed I have endo and everything added up as my pain was predominantly on my left side and that's where all my endo was. Fast forward to now where I've just had a second lap last week (as pain has been becoming more regular) with a different Consultant and they say 'no evidence of endo'. I'm literally stunned how one surgeon saw it 8 months ago and NEVER removed any of it and now there isn't any???? My pain certainly hasn't stopped!!! Feel like I've taken a massive step backwards!!!

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  • Maybe request your medical records to check they didn't remove it in the first one? Sounds very odd

  • Hi, I already did hun and they put down that it wasn't removed. I remember going to a follow up appt shortly after and they weren't sure why it wasn't removed. I've heard so many stories of women being told multiple times that don't have endo and then finally see a surgeon who knows about it and they finally get their diagnosis - which is why it doesn't add up that they saw it 8 months ago so I'm more inclined to believe I DO have endo because they saw/recognised it x

  • Did you request all records? I think they sometimes take photographs during laps (when I was in hospital and the nurse was showing me my notes, there were photographs in my folder)

  • I only managed to get hold of the typed report but I believe they do have pictures of the endo, they showed me briefly - that was for my first lap. I've arranged to see the endo specialist (at my Hosp) privately next week and get him to look at all my records & pics form my first lap and second lap

  • Was it with the same consultant? My first lap I woke up to be told I had evidence of endo, which wasn't touched. Had a 2nd lap to remove a dermoid cyst, report said cyst removed successfully, no evidence of endo found. My third and most recent lap found endo, of which I have seen pictures. All three surgeries were with different consultants, and I suspect the skill of the consultant comes into play particularly if it is small amounts, or in difficult to spot/unusual areas. This time around I am determined not to get discharged and get my problems sorted! Like Endo101 said request to see your notes/pics. Maybe ask for a second opinion.

  • Yes both different consultants. I've arranged a private consultation with the endo specialist at my hospital next week and his secretary is in the process of getting my reports/pics for both laps. Least it's not just me - if your second lap said they saw no endo!!! Like you say, I have a hard time knowing it was visibly there 8 months ago and not there now - pain and symptoms all still there. It does like you say imply there may be a differential is skill with various consultants. Just seems to be hard work getting consistency 😩

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