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Which Mini Pill to try next?

I have stage 4 endometriosis and had extensive excision surgery last June before managing to get pregnant via IVF a couple of months later. I have always been advised that I will need a hysterectomy and excising of any remaining tissue due to the extent of the mess inside me. I knew the endo would begin to come back after I gave birth to my son, which it has, and it has been further complicated by the fact that I had a C section and unfortunately also had my bladder cut through during the op (such is the extent of the mess that they couldn't differentiate between bladder and uterus which was all stuck together) and so I now have more scarring for the endo to attach to.

I cannot take the combined pill because of migraines with aura so started on Cerelle (cheaper version of Cerazette) but am experiencing a lot of bleeding and with that pain. It's not as bad as it once was yet but will get there again if I don't control it somehow. Specialist suggested trying Mirena but I don't fancy something else going into my already scarred and damaged insudes so have said I will persevere with the pill for a bit longer before reconsidering. I don't think Cerelle is suiting me so I was going to ask to try another but I don't know which active ingredient might suit me better than desogestrel. Has anyone found one suited them better than another? I need to stop the breakthrough bleeding as it is heavy and my pain is slowly getting worse with each bleed. Don't want to go for the hysterectomy just yet until we have tried to use some of the frozen embryos from our previous IVF cycle.

I know various mini pills have a different active ingredient so maybe looking for advice from someone who has tried desogestrel but then moved to a different form of hormone which has helped.

Thank you!

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