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How did you feel after having the Mirena inserted?

Hi all, my GP confirmed the Mirena is the best option for my endo, but couldn't see me for a month! I had a bit of a rush to a clinic to get the coil inserted on Friday (my period had just ended and I couldn't stand to wait another month suffering with a regular period) a wonderful gynae at a clinic saw me straight away and inserted the Mirena there and then. She was great and really experienced, but I had surgery less than 2 months ago and wow!! Did it hurt, more then the surgery did. Terrible experience, I almost fainted and was kept in a recovery room for over an hour.

I bled a lot at first but since the bleeding has stopped. I am now just very tender and cramping badly, my lower back hurts, my hips hurt, ovaries hurt, my uterus hurts, my bowels even hurt. I am achy all over and feel very gassy, bloated and sore. Is this normal?

How did you all feel in the few weeks after having the coil? Should I limit physical activity? When is sex ok? I feel very tender and tired and a bit scared to move and just want to feel normal soon!

Any tips or advice very appreciated, thanks so much everyone xxx

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Hi I've had the coil for 3 years now for my endo. And I'm still tender bloated sore and gassy. After all this time.


Hi. I had the mirena inserted last May during my lap surgery. It felt weird and bled constantly and had pain until October 2014. I thought the pain was due to the surgery. But in October the mirena 'fell out' and I was pain free!! But due to the endo I had to have it reinserted and that was like you say more painful than the surgery.

Soon the same pain and bleeding came back and in January 2015 it 'Fell out' again. Bleeding and pain stopped (back, uterus, ovaries, tops of thighs etc)...... I never felt 'normal' when I had the mirena. Only after it fell out is when I felt normal.

The only thing that helped was my hot water bottle to ease the pain. Or heat pads when going to work.

Since then I've tried various contraceptive pills. They make me very moody and I have a lot of headaches so I had to stop taking them. Just had an MRI Scan as it 'feels' like the endo is coming back. Just waiting for the results...

I suppose it's different for everyone as some women swear by it. But for me I'm better off without it.

Your symptoms may settle. They say to give it at least 6 months for it to 'work' properly. So maybe it's just a matter of time.


Hi I'm 35yrs I have 4 children. I had mirena put in 8months ago and still suffering all these symptoms my back and right hip got alot worse after having mirena put in. I have to go for a mri scan on my back on the 28th this month as physio did not work. I have been told my pelvis may b tilted and my hip is slightly out of place as doesn't sit in place properly which could be trapping my nerves :( even tho the bleeding stopped after 5months of having the mirena put in my pains are no different from b4. I was meant to go in for another opp for lazor treatment for removal of endo from my stomach they changed their mind on my last app an want me to try HRT to see if it helps with the pains in which it doesn't :( I feel like I'm going crazy my mood swings r really bad aswel as the pain.


I was very tender and urination was very very painful!! I had an infection from my lap and couldn't stand up straight. The pain was really really bad, but like I said I had the infection aswell things were worse than what they should have been.

I think I was intimate about 3 weeks after having the mirena inserted. But I did ask my partner to take things slow and with care lol. But it all depends on how you feel hun, if your not ready don't it.



It did not work for me i had to have it taken out . As you say it was very painful on insertion and the pain hardly decreased, I spotted all the time, the lower pelvic girdle was horrendous. I have never had such pain, I tried to preserve and was told that i had not given it enough time by the doctor but i do not believe that it would have gotten better.


Well done. Getting a coil fitted when you have endo can be horrendous so you have done really well. Mine was very painful and the next 3 days were very crampy and I was in quite a lot of pain. Other than that, I recovered quite quickly and I was back to doing normal activities after about 5 days. I didn't have sex for about a week which the doctor recommended x


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