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Constant headaches for 12 days after endomentriosis surgery and mirena coil fitted is this a common thing ?

I recently had endometriosis surgery which they removed and they also inserted a mirena coil, after three days i started experiencing terrible shooting pains in the back of my head and constant headaches which i have now been getting all day every day for approximately 12 days. Ive been to the doctors twice since, on the second visit they decided to take the coil out as i had got an infection. The day after removal i have started my period but the headaches still continue. I need to go back to work on Tuesday and as i work on a computer all day i cant work with headaches over my eye and back of head. How long can this persist and has anyone else experienced this, its very worrying.?

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Hi, I have had endo for 16 years and had various treatments, I have had a mirena coil for 3 years now. I have always suffered from intermittent headaches that can last for a couple of days to constantly for 2 weeks. They are always on the right side and are in the back, top and radiate into my eye and face. I have always been told they are hormonal and stress. Sometimes I think they start from my neck and when I have been to an osteopath a couple of days later they have gone. My mum also has the same right sided headaches in face and eye aswell. She has had a brain scan and again was told hormones and stress. I hope this reassures you.


I suffer from migraine anyway but when I had the mirena fitted I was getting one or two a week that were lasting for days... So yep was pretty constant! I've had such a lot of investigation for my migraines but it nearly always comes down to hormones :(

I had my coil removed after 7mths... Hated it!!!


Hi, 3 days after my op, had my right ovary removed, clusters of endo and womb detached from my bowel, I started with what I thought were migraine headaches, from my neck to the back of the left side of my head. Also visual disturbance, I was told to let things settle down by the doctor. Had a routine eye test 3 weeks later and had swollwn optic discs, maybe worth talking about, can be caused by something called begin intercranel hypertension, a hormone imbalance



Hi just put another post on about the mirena causing me headaches. I have always suffered with hormonal headaches and the occasional migraine but since I have tried a range of hormone treatments for endo they have become much more frequent and worse. I had to stop the prostap injections after 2 as my GP said that the headaches were just too severe and often. I had a mirena for just over 2 years and the headaches did calm down after a few months. Over the past few months though they have got worse again and was getting continuous infections so had coil removed 2 weeks ago. Not sure whether it was such a good idea though because endo pain far worse now and I've had a migraine for past two days! I have read though that you can experience bad headaches when you have coil removed for a while, don't know how true that is. Hope you feel more human soon x


Thank you for your answers to my problem i have now had constant migraines for 20 days, was admitted to hospital on sunday for 3 days to be checked out the infection after the endo surgery has cleared up and the antibiotics are finished thank got but the migraines are still there. Had a ct scan but came back ok which is great new, so it is now a waiting game as the hospital dont have a magic cure. When i was in hospital they just doped me up on tramadol not good. When i left they have put me on a slow course of preventative migrane tablets but take time to work months apparently. That doesnt really help the situation when it comes to going to work, I need to get back to work. I work 8 hours every day on a computer and i cant with a constant migraine. I have suffered for 30 years with migraines maybe two or three a week but i have never had anything like this before. I take Frovatriptan to get rid of the pain which normally does the trick but with these pain it does it for a short space of time then back to square one. No othere main killers seem to touch it


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