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Tramadol or Oramorph?

Well after being house bound recently after major excision surgery for endo and a hysterectomy for Adeno I finally had found my feet and was enjoying life again 4 months post op. That is until yesterday when I broke my foot 😢 making me housebound again. I didn't sleep well at all last night due to pain and the hospital only gave me co-codamol which barely made a difference. So I called up the emergency doc today who thankfully was happy to prescribe me tramadol or oramorph. I opted for the tramadol thinking that was sufficient for the most part post surgery. However I can't say the tramadol is making a huge difference. Has anyone had oramorph and if so is it better than tramadol at relieving pain? The thought of being so limited again combined with the pain I'm in is just too much. I have had enough!!!

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I feel your pain!! 15 weeks post excision and hyster and I've been rushed back in with peritonitis! Agony on a scale previously unknown.

Oramorph is great but makes some (me) very very sick - but they often prescribe it with an anti sickness, so ask for that.

Tramadol is usually good, but personally, not quite as strong as its a synthetic morphine type drug and apparently better tolerated.

What I really want/need is diclofenac (volterol) but no one will prescribe it atm because of new links to heart problems. Shame because it always worked great for me and I'm sure it will be back at some point when I don't need it anymore. But I guess it's good that drugs are withdrawn if there are issues. wonder what kind of testing was done originally, given you could buy it without prescription!!

I hope you feel better soon Hun and we get our lives back on track!!


I found oramorph fantastic as i have a very high tolerance to pain killers having used Codien along with Loperamide for the last 7 years! The bottled liquid is the best as comes with a plunger so you know your dosage is spot on. I take Cyclizine and Prochlorperazine (anti-sickness) anyway so I do not get sickness but had to buy Pirton as the itching is a little worse than usual. Best of luck hunny xxx


Hi thanks for your responses. The doc prescribed the oramorph last night so I was able to get a bit more comfortable though I know what you mean by the itching which would be more tolerable if it weren't for the cast up to my knee! So fed up. I have not had a good year! To finally be on the up after major surgery only to do this to myself 😞. These things are sent to try us.... So sorry Sarah Jane to hear about your peritonitis. I wish you a speedy recovery x


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