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Amitriptyline and tramadol :\

Hi ladies

Not been on here the last few weeks as i have been so ill and in pain i just don't know where i came from i was in pain but managing then it just got out of control so to speak ha!

I was rushed into hospital last week and admitted for 2 nights to help get my pain under control as the codeine and parcetomal just wasn't touching the sides anymore!

I will be having my 1st lap in a few weeks which I'm nervous yet weirdly excited about as in a way i can't wait for things to start moving along as I'm so sick of feeling like this!

So anyway sorry lost track! The hospital have now put me on tramadol 4 times a day and Amitriptyline once a day before bed to try and help me sleep and i must say its been working so far! Is anyone else on this? And if so sorry for TMI has it stopped you being able to wee I'm having dreadful time like my brian no longer knows how do to it until it wears off later in the day!!

I am due back in work next week which I'm nervous about as at the moment i feel like an extra out of the walking dead on these tablets!! so that should be fun!

Hope everyone is doing well and not in too much pain!


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Hi Amy. I'm currently on amitriptyline 20mg at night time ready to up it to 30mg on Monday as it just doesn't take my pain away. I was also on tramadol too the same dosage as your self. I've found if anything that I can't hold my bladder and have sudden bursts of needing to urinate. Have you had a look at the side effects on the leaflet ? I know there are quite a lot of side effects to this medication so it could be a possible that yours maybe one of them... its worth a look. Sorry I've not give you much to go on... and I no what you mean by the walking dead part 😕 especially first thing on a morning. I hope you find some answers soon. And sorry to hear what you are going through its tough. X


Hi 30withendo

thanks for you reply, when did you start to up it to 20mg if you don't mind me asking the dr said to up it after a while but didn't say when and i just got home with the 10mg once a night?


No problem Amy. And my doctor advised me to up it after two week's if my pain was no better.

My pain is still bad on the 20mg. So she said give it another two week's then up it again to 30mg, which will be on Monday. X


Hi there, I take tramadol and I can say that my body also forgets how to wee I think it's a side effect. It takes ages when I'm on the loo even though I am desperate. Xx



Yes that's what I take too it seems to help me the amitriptyline takes a little while to work as it builds up I found that I was very sleepy with it when I started taking it so I take half a tablet first so that I was fit to work the next day.

Good luck treez


Im on amytriptyline and think its brilliant. It makes my pain more manageable and i sleep like a log. I was put on 25mg but found i had too much brain fog so i usually have half a tablet and that suits me better. It did take quite a few months to properly get in my system though


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