It's the only thing I've been on that gives me some sort of pain relief and find it works pretty well, but has anyone suffered pretty badly stomach wise because of it? I take it then a day later I start to feel bloated and really uncomfortable then end up having a painful stomach ache where I can barely eat and it's quite miserable I'm gutted it's the only thing that helps but every time I take it I'm worse x

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Never been on it but hubby was after a motor bike accident. He had terrible constipation, with it and the withdrawal was not great, sweating and shakes. x

I'm on Co-codamol and it just makes me sleep, but the pain is still there. Might ask the dr about tramadol.


I have just got off the phone with my gp re pain killers and they have given me amitriptyline to take at night to help me as codeine makes me sick so she thought tramedol might not work for me.... Never taken this one before too so also worried. I guess it's just trial and error....

I would take it about 5 o'clock to start off with, I was taking it at 9 and it takes a couple of hrs to kick in and just couldn't get up for work in the morning. It made me so tired I didn't last long on it.

Good to know....I'm a little dubious....the idea of a pill at night that could take away my pain all day is a nice thought though isn't it :-( x


I take tramadol and amitriptyline at night 10mg I found I was sleepy next day they advised me to start at the weekend in the end I cut the tablet in half and increased it gradually and that worked for me.


I think it is trial and error and what works for you, I have naproxen too but find they do very little for me even if I rest and take them it won't take the edge off. Will definitely speak to my doctor tomorrow and see what else there is x

I went to Dr today as pain is just getting worse and she just looked at me really apologetic and said sorry I really don't know what else we can do.

Not the answer I was looking for

🙈 so unhelpful. I have had that before, then they ask me what should be done!


I have been taking tramadol for a while now it doesn't cause stomach problems the only thing it is likely to do is cause constipation and I can't sleep after taking tramadol a lot of people find the opposite.


I am on zapain they seem to be taking the edge off. Tramadol don't work for me and leave me drowsy

Did they make you feel a bit dizzy at first because of the codeine? I have had them before but stopped because of that, but willing to stick with anything if it'll help

Yes kirstie. Felt so drained on them x

I've only recently started on tramadol and found starting slowly helped so just took one in the morning and one before bed. Then I've added in another during day so take at 8am, 3pm and 10pm. Keeping a routine helped keep pain at bay and stopped me getting too sleepy. And I still have more I could take if needed

I take with food to stop me feeling sick and make sure I eat plenty of fruit to keep constipation away.

Hope that helps.

I have been on Tramadol for awhile now. I currently take one every 4 hours. The first few weeks it was great and helped me so much. Now it seems to be not working at all! Pain management is so hard to figure out! :(

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