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Anyone else experiencing really bad cramps after mirena insertion?

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I had the mirena fitted on friday following a laproscopy and hysteroscopy. I have been in unbareable pain since. I have the worst cramps ever but doctors are saying to bare it and the pain will subside soon.. I cant move the pain is that bad

12 Replies
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Oh no sorry your in pain. I'm also having hysteroscopy and lap and coil on the 8th of Feb. Xx

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san86 in reply to Amyjane88

Goodluck hope it goes well x

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I had mine fitted during surgery on the 30/11 and the cramps were unbearable afterwards. They lasted for about a month and for the last 2 weeks the pain has calmed down (still there but not as severe) although yesterday the cramps have started getting worse again. I have also bled since getting it fitted but luckily its been light, i still feel like i am getting period cycles ever few weeks though as the other symptoms appear that I used to get just before my period came. Because of the pain I was in I managed to get an emergency appointment with gynae at my hospital and she ran some tests to check it didnt get infected but said I can have it taken out next time I see her if I wish. A few weeks ago I was positive I wanted it removed but im going to wait and see how bad the cramps get over the next week and then make a decision. On the topic of cramps though I really was in alot of pain, I was taking codeine and tramadol maxim doses and it wasnt helping a whole lot. I was pretty much bed bound and the pain made me feel very sick so got prescribed antisickness (it was the pain causing the nausea as I have been on codeine and tramadol for years without nausea). Have you asked your doctor to prescribe you some painkillers to see if they would help? I also found a hot water bottle helped a little but needed to use boiling water to get relief and my stomach kept getting very red and burned so probably wasnt the best option for me.

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san86 in reply to Hazel173

I have been prescribed tramadol but to be honest if this pain carries on any longer I am just going to get this out. It has been a nightmare and is it really worth it if you still have to suffer with pain 😬.

I will just have it removed and go onto the pill instead.

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So i had the mirena put about 2 years ago. I last a year and it was the worst year i had. I felt like i was having period pains all the time even tho i had no bleeding, plus other things, like u i was on tramadol and everything. Went to the gp to have it out but they couldn't find the string so had to be refereed to gynae to have it out luckily they did and i have felt better since to be honest. I wouldn't recommened one to anyone! But that is my opinion. Other ppl get on with it. X

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san86 in reply to bexsj

You suffered for 1 year?my gosh. I suppose anything that isnt supposed to be in your body will cause a reaction and my body is sensitive to anything. I have taken tramadol today too but still in pain. Is that bizarre?I am just going to get this out next week. I cant possibly go back to work in this state

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My face is like a pizza today. Another side effect of mirena. My skin is usually clear but since yesterday I started breaking out. The spots are all over my face and it is very dry. Ive had mirena in for 9days now.

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Fabbird in reply to san86

Sorry to hear that your skin has done this, but I’d be careful about attributing it to the Mirena. They say it takes weeks or months for the hormone effects to kick in. I wonder if it might be a reaction to the stress you are going through?

I’ve got the Mirena and I do understand it has side effects. I noticed an effect on my skin after about 3 months. A while later it seemed to settle down again.

I hope you feel better soon.

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It can start getting into your system in 7days. It depends on the individual. I have always had stress but my skin doesnt break out. It is defo my side effect. I am very sensitive to new things so knew i'd probably end up breaking out. I also noticed leg cramps. I suppose it just isnt for me then.

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I am in exactly the same boat (same op on 19/1). No one warned me that I would feel this hideous. Recovery from the operation is hard enough (and this is my 5th one so I know it well) without feeling this intense pain on top of it.

Like you I've been told to wait it out but I'm not entirely sure I want to to be honest! I honestly think if I'd've known how bad the pain would be I'd've gone straight for ablation!

I hope for your sake you are feeling much better this week, yours in sympathy Gem xx

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san86 in reply to Gemwright

Oh poor you. Mine carried on being very painful even with taking tramadol and I was in too much pain so I decided that I should take it out. The pain went straight away when I had it removed.

See how you go..Fingers crossed that your pain dies down alot. I havent had any children either and I read that it can be more uncomfortable in women that havent had children. Now I dont know if thats true 🤔. X

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Hey, sorry it's causing you so much pain. I know it's really frustrating with everything you're going through. I hope this may help even though I know everyone is different.

I had a lap and a mirena coil fitted 8 days ago and for the first few days I was really aware of it. It felt like this foreign body that kept moving around 😳 I had cramps and started really worrying when it felt like the coil was stabbing/ rubbing on my cervix! This lasted for 2 days and now I can't feel it at all (hopefully I haven't jinxed myself 😬).

I think it will take time to settle but if you're in pain can you take a stronger painkiller? I don't know what you normally take but I've been taking Naproxen and Co-codamol and after a rough 5 days the pain is mostly bearable now.

Hope you feel better soon and have a speedy recovery!


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