Urgh, pain/discomfort up my bottom!?

Ok, so I know I've seen a post on her somewhere about this but now I cant find it. I'm currently awaiting my lap next month but my gynae suspects Endo. I have a flare up of pain at the moment, as always in my lower back deep inside where my tailbone is almost and in my pelvis. This time round the pain is more up my bottom than usual. The odd sharp pain but almost feels like a kind of pressure like something is pushing up my bottom and towards the front. Its never been quite like this before so I was wondering if anyone else has this? Xx

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Hello sorry to here your in pain. I usually get this sort of pain every now and then. I've just had my lap and they found endo in my pelvic ligement and endometrial noodles it almost feels like it's pushing on a nerve I get it in my leg to. Good luck with your lap it's so worth it xx

I have just started to get this after being diagnosed at stage 2 in 2008. Have not managed to find a pattern but am thinking its when my womb is engorged when ovulating. I really suffer around this time. Its as you described deep on tailbone xxx

Hi I suddenly developed similar pain about 10 years after initial stage 4 endo diagnosis. It came on dramatically towards the end of my period. It turned out to be a build up of endo in my pouch of Douglas. I ended up with 7 month course of prostap and then radical excision from endo specialist with bowel surgeon as back up altho he wasn't needed in the end. 18 months on and the pain has completely gone post surgery!! Good luck getting your symptoms sorted x

Sorry to hear your suffering too. I have the same symptoms. All pain in my tail bone can't sit down and it feels like a large pressure in my bowel. I'm currently taking zoladex in prep for a hysterectomy. Zoladex injection is only lasting for two weeks though and pain comes straight back. Grr. Hope you get things sorted

'fedupwithendo' its funny you should say that. I seem to now be getting flare up starting when I'd be ovulating. Its really uncomfortable and makes me feel like maybe I need the toilet but when I try i don't actually need to go. Fingers crossed my lap shows up something that they can do something about. Not long now...23 June.....xx

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