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Bottom talk!!!!!

Ladies its toilet talk im afraid! Lots of you have painful BMs and become constipated. I however dont have pain when i go and i dont ever get constipated. Im generally quite loose and rarely have a' proper' stool. If it is it can appear to be flattened and narrow. Obviously this concerns me but GP and gyneas dont seem to concerned though i bend theyre ears with it every time i visit them. I had a colonoscopy almost 2 years ago and symptoms were probably much the same then. It was a negative result. I have an endomass 3cm,attached to my rectum which is sitting there patiently waiting to be removed. Every now and then it grumbles at me and i get rectal pain, no bleeding but occasional urgency.I have the Mirena insitu so no periods for me but have pmt signs e.g painful boobs.This also seems to have effect on the rectal pain. Would any of you have similar symptoms? I do feel my bowel problems have been ongoing with the start of my endo. When i look back changes where probably happening at the same time!! Could this mass and possibly kinks in bowel be contributing to these symptoms?? Thankyou any similar stories would help relieve the worry J X

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yes they could indeed. if there is a mass or even in impacted lump of poo stuck in the way, then whatever waste needs to squash past it will do so however it can manage it.

So if your poo is no longer log shaped, then something is getting in the way inside you.

The healthy intestines and bowels are tubes, so poo should be tube shaped too.

It could be any number of obstructions causing your poo to arrive rather flattened, but as you do have a mass that you know about, that will probably have something to do with it. Expecially if you don't feel like you also have a stuck impacted poo up there somewhere.

Partial blockages lead to more liquidy poo or mis-shapen poo.

If your poo comes out in smaller round lumps you are dehydrated, if it comes out like a softish log , then that's a healthy poo.

Adhesions constricting your bowels from the outside of them, can also lead to squished poo. So can haemorrhoids or piles at the opening of your back passage.

It isn't a worry in itself that they are mishapen, but there is a reason for that and if you do know that something is already there and will be seen to eventually (NHS waiting lists permitting) then it isn't something to add you your worries.


Bless you thankyou so much. You are incredibly informed Impatient and im always interested in your posts. Thankyou for helping,keep up the good work and keeping women like me saine!:* im due to have it operated any time soon, wish postie would hurry up with the letter! I may ask if they will have a lookie up there when in theatre. Ive got so many arrows and crosses that i want to draw on myself to 'mark the spot!' ;) I do feel that perhaps ive got a little haemorroid aswell and some fissures have been recognised about 14mths ago when gp looked into rectum. That made my toes curl!! Thanks again J x


You're welcome.

I'm just old, and the older I am the more things have gone pear-shaped over the years LOL.


haha well im no spring chicken at 43 and i' am' definately pear shaped keep up the advice ol'girl. lol x


I agree jalo69, Impatient your above post is very helpful and informative.

I also have very similar symptoms. I have been seeing a whole host of consultants from gynae to bowel specialists and pain management etc, and today they finally agreed (after 3 years) that it might still be endo related (2 laps later). I am really interested in what you wrote about the weird shaped poo and about blockages as I get this a lot. I recently had diagnosed as something wrong with my bowel muscle following a proctogram. they are not sure what the underlying reason is, but the muscle doesnt work properly and leaves some kind of gap i guess leaving to some kind of impactation like you mention. hopefully now they know this they can sort it but i do still think that endo is the underlying cause. might be worth considering havinga proctogram. its an x ray whilst u pass some barium paste, so that they can see how your bowel looks when u pass a motion (in action so to speak). this has really helped move my diagnosis forward after years of them saying oh its piles just use some bum cream...um ya i dont think piles is this painful (I should know. I have actually ironically had piles too). I think its all very much inter-related.

Anyway, hope you manage to sort out your problems and improve your pain :) xxx


Thanks Im, that Proctogram sounds delightful.I wonder if my problems are muscle related. Interesting.I kinda get an air blockage t,hats only how i can describe it, on evactuatuion causing unusual shapes. Is this familiar with you?? Sorry to those reading to be so grapic! x


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