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Endo and hip pain

Hi hope your all well.

Does any one else with endo also get hip pain!? This is new to me ive had endo for many years but for several weeks now I have had extreme hip pain an its also in the tops of my legs too it gets worse after I wee it seems to be really achy after and its keeping me awake I've tried hot water bottles a body pillow hot bath and painkillers but nothing works ive noticed the right hip swells up along with my bottom back almost feels and looks like fluid retention.

Any ideas if its endo related and what they do to help it I have a month long with till I see a endocrinologist who I am hoping can help?? Xx

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Wow, I just posted about my lower back pain. I forgot to mention about my hip. I have it when I sleep. The pain either wakes me up from my right lower back of my left hip area. Ive been thinking im going crazy as my boyfriend suggested my pains are from my bed... but I dont have pain every night. Its normally in episodes of 3-5 nights. 2 weeks ago I had no pain for 5 nights. Im just always double guessing myself because on my last visit to the hospital they couldn't find anything or very little when they did an ultrasound and echo. Im waiting to see if I go for an MRI next ct san. The guy that did the echo said it may be on a deeper tissue level and thats why we cant see much.

But hip pain, yes, yes. You arent alone


Oh thank god!! I'm the Same only on my right side which also is where the majority of my endo is it comes in episodes and yes my other half said about the bed!! They said about me getting a MRI scan but the waiting is terrible and my painkillers make me feel complely off my face bur their the only ones which help a little xx


I replied to Tand71 I also get hip and back pain too

Don't like pain meds so just use my heat pad and breath through pain best I can

Hope you get it sorted x


I know I hate my pain meds its horrible I've got a ten machine but not sure if you can use it on the hip area xxx


Not sure hun I think I might get a tens machine. Look into if u can use it on your hips or ring your pharmacist they should know x


Its well worth it mine was 30 quid with a set of pads and its the only thing apart from heat that helps my back feels weird at first but you get used to it xx


What does it feel like? X


Hard to explain like a little electric shock but it feels kinda nice on the pain if that makes sense you can change it up so it goes at different speeds and sensations xx


OK worth a shot if it helps. Pain meds make my fatigue worse.

Hope you get sorted hun. Keep me updated x


Yes well worth a try it helped me as I ha e similar problems with my pain meds

Yes I will do thankyou XXX

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Thanks for this reply. I live in the Netherlands and everyone pays for health care. So its not like the UK. At least my blessed that it moves quicker here. The longest I've waited for an apt was at the endometriosis clinic, 2 months. Unfortunately painkillers make me a bit constipated,but it helps for that moment but then the next day the pain is worse when I cant poop. Not the nicest topic. Im convinced I have endo by my colon


Ahh right its so bad here in the UK my gyne is good if I'm bad I go a and e and he admits me but he's said I really need to wait and see the endocrinologist as he will help me but its so hard waiting yes mine make me constipated to but its the high feeling I hate XXX


Are you talking about Tramadol? Im a recovering alcoholic/addict, so no tramadol for me😕


I have tramadol and a anti inflamitry so it gives me like twice as high its horrid oh no defo not for you its a horrible drug!!


I have hip pain too!! I also thought it was caused by my bed but with the inconsistency of occourance that couldn't be it. I have found that yoga helps immensely as does working out. Keeping my hip moving and flexible keeps the worst of the pain at bay.

I hope this helps xoxo


Thanks !

Will have to try yoga I try and do zumba but that's sometimes a bit to much for me!!! Xxx


I would try belly dancing as to Zumba, Zumba is very labour intensive which belly dancing helps you learn how to control your pelvic organs and stretch and relax your pelvic floor, it was traditionally used so women could prepare themselves for childbirth.


everything others have said ... and red tiger balm. Similar to the TENS machine, its a weird feeling but i find it helps me (even if it is just slightly), but also handy to have something i can take on the go too


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I've pain in my hips and thighs. Mainly the right side. I know it's not my bed cause I've had it in 2 different beds. Slept in spare room for a while to see if it was the bed.

I find ice packs help it. I put it just above my bum muscle and then move it down the back of leg every few minutes. Then use it round the front. It's cold but it helps take the swelling down and that then helps with the pain.

Frozen peas r the best cause they shape easily.

I find heat makes it a bit more comfortable for a short time but then it's back again just as bad.

Hope u get some relief. I find the pain meds just take the edge off and the same problem with the bathroom for the next few days.


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