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Bottom pain


Hello lovely Endo sisters.

I have been a sufferer of Endo for 21 years and am extremely fortunate to have been able to have three wonderful children.

When I last saw a consultant, I was told that my only real option was a total hysterectomy. I am trying to avoid that as I know it will not cure me of this chronic condition.

What i have been experiencing over the last few months is a severe ,stabbing, shooting pain up my bottom. This pain only occurs before and during my period.

Has anyone else experienced this type of pain and does anyone have any idea what it could be?

Lots of love to you all.

Barbara. X

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Sounds like classic endo pain to me. Did they find endo on your bowel? Are you seeing a specialist? I would really recommend it if you can get a referral. As you say, a hysterectomy won't cure the disease, it needs to be excised completely.

I'm considering endometrial ablation. Like you I have been blessed with three children so fertility isn't something I have to consider (lucky me !!) I'm 37 and my consultant isn't keen on a hysterectomy for me as it's not a cure and is likely to only buy time. It seems a drastic step to take if it's not a 'cure' doesn't it ? For me it's mainly the recovery time. My husband works shifts and with three children to run around after and no help available I don't have the option of 'resting' afterwards. I was due to have the coil fitted on 19th March but I had a letter from the hospital cancelling my appointment 'due to unforeseen circumstances' yesterday (not a happy bunny !) I'll wait to see when they plan on doing that. Will give it a try and if it doesn't stop my constant bleeding I'll ask them to blast my womb. Sounds delightful hey ? ! :-(

Yes I get this pain :( I found out recently I have a large nodule on/in my bowel so I'm assuming that's what causes it in my case.

I also have the same pain and been told i have a nodule in my rectum so maybe its that? x

lm330 in reply to doubleL

I was also told I have this. Is it endo related? Im struggling to follow a lot of what my consultant tells me. xx

Hidden in reply to lm330

Lol! I had 12 in 5 days and each one said something different! x

lm330 in reply to Hidden

oh dear...i guess the truth is that they dont know any more than we do :( xx

I get the pain to front and back feels like you've sat on a javelin! got a gyne apt coming up need to ask about this!


Ouchy yes!! Rectum has a 3cm endo nodule/mass. Awaiting surgery to have it removed one way or another and the sharp shooting stabbing pains are a constant reminder its there:( xx


Thank you all for your answers. So it seems my old friend/enemy, ENDO may be visiting my bottom bits too? Bloody thing!

Kind regards,


I used to get this EXACT same pain every month. Turns out I had Endo implants on the muscle that separates the bowel/colon and Uterus. Used in be in agony if i was a bit constipated and felt like bad cramping in my back passage. Since my lap tho i don't have any pain there anymore altho there were complications esle where but luckily not that bit! Plus I have the coil so don't have periods anymore either so that could be why no more pain.

lm330 in reply to zara19

hey Zara, Im really interested in how you found out that you had endo implants in this muscle? your symptoms sound really like mine and they are driving me crazy. all of my pelvic and vaginal pain centres around my bowel and monthly cycle but after the mri failed to show anything they said its unlikely to be endo. but surely endo doesnt show on mri unless its

zara19 in reply to lm330

Hi hun :) It was discovered during my lap. My consultant was really good and basically scoured all of my insides especially as in the consultants beforehand I did say that I had IBS style symptoms and when I was on my period, sometimes it felt like I had been stabbed in the bum with a long sharp blade. My doctor said Endo rarely shows up on MRI's and the only effective way to diagnose is through a laproscopy. I was fully expecting him to find it in my bowel so was surprised when i came round to be told it was between womb and colon - i didn't even know there was a muscle separating them! Anyway, all IBS symptoms have improved 95% I'm glad to say :)

lm330 in reply to zara19

wow thats really great that your gynae was so thorough. i did find that at my second lap as i was very specific about my pain and they found some in places where they didnt look on my first lap. guess i may have to have a third... worth knowing though. thank you, and really glad its improved your symptoms :) xx

I get this pain too. unfortunately though i cant help in terms of how it relates to endo. i have been undergoing many tests for this and other pains in the bowel area over the past 3 months which I have and am blogging about. for the moment no answers though, but you are not alone in this.


From what I have read a hysterectomy can really help some women with endo so I would not write it off completely. Without oestrogen, new endo will have a harder time forming and as your pain is around your periods it would seem like you could benefit from this IF you decided that you wanted to have a hysterectomy.

Obviously it s personal choice, the word "cure" is a loaded one and is one that I would rarely use in any medical situation.... the question is whether a treatment is "helpful" or likely to be helpful.

I also get rectum pain although no where near as bad since the surgery (apart from right after the surgery but I guess thats because I had endo in my pouch of douglas which is near the rectum.

I have been reading about endo from a book called "endometriosis and other pelvic pain" by Dr Susan Evans and she speaks evenly and with evidence about the different treatment options available for women in our position.

I totally reccomend reading this book. I think I will buy it (I got it out of the library).

Good luck

Crystal x

Hi Barbara I looked up this current pain and came across your post, I haven't got a diagnosis yet but I'm due to go for my scan this week. Currently I'm in a lot of pain around my back passage, shooting pain, it has only started today. Yesterday I started bleeding but I don't have proper bleeds due to another condition. I was just wandering what the best this pain wise to take?? Kind regards Emily xx

Had this awful bum pain on Sunday & now have blood in my stool.. normal?? Xx

I have had endo forever but have also had the sharp stabbing sitting on a metal pole, is how I described it, pain in my bum for a couple years now and my doctor does not want me to do a laparoscopy. She says the recovery is worse than the pain, and I'm like you have no idea. But last night was the worst episode of it in my life, worse than anything besides childbirth and I don't care what they do now just get it out. I couldn't even walk two steps without bawling like a baby and it's still here today so definitely I've got it on my my bowel somewhere, but I'm way too scared to get a laparoscopy done. So I would love to hear from women who had one what their experience with it is.

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