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Cyst pain or endo pain?


Hi everyone I’d appreciate any answers if anyone has any experience regarding this..

I’m undergoing a lot of different tests trying to get to the bottom of pain, I’ve always suspected endo but the doctors think it could just be cysts.. I’m worried if it is a cyst why is it so sore and so persistent now more than ever? Used to be just random shooting pains but the last two weeks I’m feeling the pain every day sharp pulsing like pains in left side that make me jump, and now period like pains on and off in my right side and middle lower pelvic almost near pubic bone? It’s interfering with my life and I feel so down, ultrasound isn’t until end of Feb😩

Don’t know if I was to go to the gyne A&E would I be seen to right away? And get an ultrasound with in a few hours? I just want the pain to go away! Also got pain behind ribs and an ache up left side of stomach and upper back.

Oh and my hip bones are really tender to touch I feel bruised, wondering if it could be an endo flare up or ruptured cyst?

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Hey lovely,

I suffer with stage 4 endo, I have done for years and mine was actually diagnosed via a ruptured chocolate cyst (endometrioma) now I’m guessing if your doctors are talking about normal follicular cysts then they shouldn’t cause pain when they rupture as Normal cysts appear and vanish each month as a normal part of your cycle.

Chocolate cysts however behave differently and are a characteristic of Endometriosis. These can be diagnosed from a scan as they look very differently to normal fluid filled cysts as these are blood filled.

If you have endometriomas then you have endometriosis as they come hand in hand.

In my experience I wouldn’t have thought you would be rushed through for a scan unless it was Monday to Friday during operational hours and you had accuse abdo pain.

You may have endo, but the only way to diagnose without the presence of chocolate cysts/endometriomas would be a laparoscopy.

Good luck xxx

Soph1992 in reply to MissyTx

Thanks for the reply did you ever have these types of pains shooting and pulsing? It’s just worrying me at the minute, and I don’t know enough about endo to know if that could be the cause of the pain in my lower left side xx

It sounds like it could be a cyst or something pressing on a nerve maybe. To tell you the truth I’ve had so many odd endo type pains, pains in my ribs, yes which I believe are connected with endo nodules. I would honestly say if you are concerned to definitely ask for a gynae referral from your GP and at least get checked out, you could have a twisted ovary or something else lovely so always best to put your mind at rest. All I would say it getting an endo diagnosis is not always a quick thing and you really have to be on at your Gp if you are suffering xxx

Hey. I had a ruptured cyst in December. I didn't know it was at the time but the pain was debilitating and so severe I took myself to a&e. They kept me in Over night got the pain under control and gave me an ultrasound. What pain relief have you tried? X

Soph1992 in reply to Hannah5198

I took myself to A&E but they just gave me paracetamol and said it’s probably a cyst get it looked at with my own gp.. just waiting on my ultrasound now but the shooting pains have become more persistent like every day and a feel a tug when I move in a certain way it’s stressing me out xx

Hannah5198 in reply to Soph1992

I had taken pain relief at home codien paracetamol and ibuprofen. All didn't touch it so that's when I went a&e resulting in having morphine as it was the only thing that took the edge off. I couldn't walk sit or bend. If you feel you need more pain relief its not fair to turn you away bless you. How ever since my trip to a&e I've been struggling with various aches and pains. Stabbing pains in my lower abdomen, shooting pains down my thighs etc. This is how ever had previously been going on since last July! Today I finally was listened to to be told they will investigate with a laparoscopy. Be persistent and look after yourself. I lost count of how many times I saw my gp! I hope you're more pain free soon. X

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