I have been getting pain on my right side for a few years. Got heavy periods which affects my iron levels. So tired - it has had an effect on all elements of my life. Went and saw the gyno after such a long wait. He wasn't very nice as I didn't want a mirena coil fitted. (Have heard mixed things about it from friends and relatives). But he has agreed I need a laparoscopy and a hypnoscopy. The thing is he planted a seed of doubt in my mind that it may not be Endo. My GP believes it is. But he said it could be my bowel?! I was so upset yesterday as I have been in pain for four years.

Has any one experienced this and found it is Endo? I have done a few scans and nothing has been seen in them? Is this common?

And also are both procedures painful? I am so scared. Thank you so much xx

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  • Hiya which part of the country are you in? What are your blood results in general such as crp and lymphocytes.

    I've experienced exactly the same as you - I did have endometriosis. My last operation was a hysterectomy in April this year and I still have the same pain on the right side in fact it feels worse.

    Have you had a MRI and are being seen at a bsge centre?

    Claire xx

  • Hi Claire,

    Thank you so much for replying. I have had a high CRP reading and am based in London.

    Did you have a lap and hystroscopy? I wasn't offered an MRI and am just being seen at my local nhs hospital.


  • Hi, my diagnosis also started with right sided pain on most days for 18m before diagnosis, I did have pain with intercourse though.

    My periods have always been regular and not particularly heavy or painful either.

    I had a few scans before I got referred to gynae pelvic us, tv us x 2 and hip X-ray. On my bloods I had a high crp and a really high ca 125 which got me referred to gynae oncology - I was seen and had Mri within 2 weeks. Nothing except a cyst on my ovary showed up on any of the scans.

    Since then I have had a diagnostic lap in a local hospital and then a second lap and hysteroscopy at a bsge centre last month. The lap is uncomfortable post but I was ok on paracetamol and ibuprofen despite taking stronger pain relief prior to surgery. If you are having a lap the hysteroscopy should be done while you are asleep so you won't feel it.

    Endo can effect the bowel too so I wouldn't be upset and GPs don't know very much about endometriosis.

    I too am in London.

    Hope this helps x

  • Hi Minnie,

    Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate you giving me the info regarding the lap and hyst as I don't know anyone who has had it done. That's really interesting that it can affect the bowel. I didn't know that.

    The consultant yesterday did upset me as he was so blunt and just rushed everything. He wasn't happy when I declined the Mirena but I know people that have put weight on and I also have PCOS.

    Thanks again. Xx

  • Yes endometriosis can be found attached to the bowel or nodules on the bowel causing IBS type symptoms.

    If you have a look at other posts re treatment including a lady called Lindle you will see that hormone injections and the pill are other treatment options as well as the coil - ideally after you have had a lap to diagnose endometriosis as that's the only way to diagnose it. General gyna can miss endometriosis during surgery so look up if your gynae is on the bsge list



  • Thank you so much Minnie. Really appreciate all your advice and help. I have looked at lindle's posts. Very informative.

    The gyno isn't on bsge list. I think I will have the lap and hope that they will find something and take it from there. xx

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