Had my lap

Had my lap

Hi Ladies. So then I had my lap Monday 4th July and I was kept in over night as my blood pressure was really low. They went in through my belly button and made a little incision on my left side belly, can really feel it now. They said they found the endo in my Douglas pouch with is by my rectrum and near my uterus, the consultant never came to see me after the procedure to tell me how it went. 😢 I also think they went in through my vagina because it is so sore and split. Has anyone had it through that way? Just want your thoughts how you all had it done. X

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  • Hi, if you had a hysteroscopy as well then they would have gone through the vagina to have a look at the inside of your uterus. Laps always have an incision point through the naval and then 2 or 3 other cuts depending on the surgeon. Hope that helps x

  • Oh wow I wonder if I had that then. They haven't told me much at all! I only had the one incision in my belly button and then one on my left side of my belly. But down by my vagina it is really sore and it is split and red raw. It is so uncomfortable thank you Minnie xx

  • If you have the discharge paperwork then it will say which procedures they did that might give you some idea. After my recent lap I woke up with 4 cuts but they already knew I had Endo so were going in to do stuff. Hope the recovery is going well. X

  • Just a thought but you would have had a catheter inserted too so that would make you feel sore too. X

  • I didn't have a catheter in unless they out it in when I was asleep and then took it out before I woke up. X

  • Yes during my first lap that's what they did - put it in when I was asleep and removed it before I woke up.

  • I have just posted a pictures of my lap x

  • I think I've read that they usually put an implement through your cervix so that they can use it to move your uterus around a bit while they look around your pelvis?

    I know they went in that way for me because I was having dye put through my tubes at the same time. I bled / spotted for a few weeks after, but wasn't really sore.

    I would suggest phoning the hospital to ask if you can have a debrief with the surgeon - even over the phone, so you can ask these questions.

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