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2nd Lap in 13 months, Endo removed

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you my latest experience of endo and how the specialist consultants can be so wrong.

I had my first lap in November 2015 and the consultant removed endo from that pouch of Douglas and SN ligament on left side. I was surprised there was nothing found on my bladder as I had symptoms relating to this. I had 5 pain free months before the aching started to come back and my periods got heavy and painful again and I had pain after sex. So I was put on the pill to see if that relieved it. I would only get some relief from the pain on the last pack of pills out of 3 and then I would bleed and the pain came back for two packs. My period got more painful with each break in the pill and the pain when taking the pill was getting worse too. So I saw my consultant at the beginning of November and told him all my symptoms and how I was in pain everyday apart from the last pack of pills and he told me he doesn't think it is endo and not even gynae related. I just looked at him thinking he is joking. So I asked him what else could cause all these symptoms, the same ones as before when he treated my endo and he said "I don't know, I'm a gynecologist, you will need to see your GP to work that out". I kicked off a bit and said that if my symptoms are the same now as they were before and it was endo before then why is not endo now. He then said "endo can't come back that quickly, what do you want to do then, do you want another lap". I said "I don't want one, but if it's the only way to see whats going on in there and rule out endo if you don't think it that then I guess I have to". He then happily agreed to do a lap and guess what. I had my lap yesterday and he removed endo from the same places as before plus my bladder and left pelvic wall.

If your gynae tries to tell you some rubbish about it not being endo but you know your body and the pain you feel, stick up for yourself and demand treatment as I came out of my appointment feeling like a liar and hypochondriac but I had every right to expect my physician to listen to me and decide on the best course of action together.

I am going to speak to him at my follow up appointment as he has not come to see me post op and I will tell him exactly what I think of his attitude towards me. I am not going to continue to be treated by a Dr that clearly has a lack of judgement.

I hope this helps other woman who find themselves in this position or are turned away.


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Wow, is he a bsge specialist working I. A bsge centre,???

I had a laparoscopy with excision surgery of nodule and uterosacral ligament and then a hysterectomy for adenomyosis with same surgeon, I was still in pain. So I was referred to bsge specialist centre and had another lap, no more endo found , few adhesion and one overy removed, I'm still in pain.

I've just had a venogram and no pelvic congestion, so I'm back to drawing board


Yes he is a bsge specialist at a bsge centre. Unbelievable huh! Sorry you are suffering so much. It must be really frustrating to not have an answer to your pain. The endless pain without a solution is the hardest thing to deal with.

I hope you find answers soon.



I am sorry he was so rude to you but well done for standing up to him. I see my Cons soon and I am dreading it as he is rude too. If you do not mind me asking which hospital was it? I am going to be questioning my consultants 'care' when I next see him. Am a bit nervous though! 😕


Luton and Dunstable Hospital. He is the lead specialist on Endo there so makes it a bit tricky to get care there afterwards if he is not apologetic when I speak to him as he is supposed to be the best at that hospital. So I guess I would have to seek out a different consultant at a different hospital nearby. I am hoping that when I put it all to him he will see my point and that he was wrong in my case but I'm not holding my breath on that one. It also worries me that there was a student sitting in on that appointment in November and I could see on his face he was surprised by the way it went. I hope he doesn't think that this is a good or normal way to speak with patients. It's all quite concerning really.

Sorry you have also received below par care from your consultant. I am not sure where they go to Dr school but they clear all missed the day when they taught them about bedside manner and the correct way to discuss matters with a patient.

Let me know how your discussion goes. My follow up appointment will be in February so a while yet.

Take care



Hi something I have learnt recently that endo can go on the bowels appendix and GI tract. Ive never had this looked into and yes they say nothing gyne area . But its a gyne problem that crosses over into the Gastro area ( which sad to say I don't think gyne will look at ). Its no mans land and a GI specialist may not recognise it either as its gyne . Need and expert to find this. Also may be something else entirely keep asking keep pushing pain is for a reason and usually because something is wrong. Hugs xx


Hi i know the feeling from this approach by doctor / consultant .... had it several times unfotunatley you do get hardened to dealing with it but its still totally unacceptable . For some women it may even lead to suicide if not major depression and massive deterioration in health and mental health . The crazy thing is like you said he looked and found it again !! have I got that right???? Whats going on with these health workers ???


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