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The Natural Way

It has been almost two months now since I have left the Mirena coil and also stopped taking the pill (because of no change and just picking up weight with it). After my laparoscopy I was left with more pain and more discouragement than anything else.

So after more than a year (of pain and not getting better)... here is what I am doing now.

I have bought the book Endometriosis: A key to Healing and Fertility through Nutrition. By: Michael Vernon and Dian Shepperson Mills. This book has helped me immensely with understanding the condition and to let your body heal itself through good nutrition which helps you to have the right vitamins and minerals to make your body stronger.

I have also taken up Yoga, which I have feel is helping with the pain management and also with suppleness, which seems to help everything inside.

I am not saying that it will help every person, but if you are like me and you want to try something new that might help... then go for it. It has certainly help me a lot!!! My periods are better (still heavy, but less pain). I also have more energy and in general just feel better.

I am taking Magnesium, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin C, and a Multi Vitamin every day.

Hope that this might help some of you also out there!

B x

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Thankyou for ŷour post all sounds a positive thing

Good for you think it's great even if any one one of of us gets a glimmer of hope of something you have tried it's a good thing


Hope you also get better mablesky and find something that works for you.

Take care, x


thank you so much for sharing this I have been researching natural ways to deal with endo and particiularly interested in nutrition but so much conflicting advice, I saw that book mentioned on endo website, is it worth the investment? I am trying to do healthier diet around endo but also lots of the things they mention are also on the avoid list on fodmap so gets confusing!?!?! brilliant that helping you and will def inspire me to carry on trying to find a natural route!?! x did you find a specialist yoga class or just general, nervous walking into a new class alone but know it could help ? x


Hi RrI12345, the book is definitely worth it. It helps you to understand what endometriosis is exactly and what you can do to help your recovery and nutritional value of getting your body better for the endo to stay at bay.

With the yoga I just went to one close to me... make sure you let your Yoga instructor know what your body is able to do and what not and they will make sure you don't over exert yourself. I was also on my own and new to yoga when I went the first time, and I have been going ever since. I feel the movements helps your mobility and it releases good endorphins which make you feel fantastic afterwards.

See what works with you and stick to that.

Hope that helps. x


thanks so much know sounds silly but it is the thought of walking into the class alone, it is a long long time since I did yoga and I can just about do the downward dog but I look more like a down and out stray!! ;) x


I understand... My wrists felt like giving in the first few times... 😜 I am sure you'll be okay, at least you've done Yoga before , when I started I was completely knew to the concept. Also try any other low intensity classes like Pilates and build up from there. x


thanks, I know what you mean about wrists I was trying HIIT but my wrists were hurting too much from my full body weight on them which then just made me feel like a right heavy weight!!! congrats on the yog and keep going with it you'll encourage me to give it a try x


All the best with your journey of beating endo. Hope you get better speedingly. X


you too thanks for your advice today xx


You are welcome. Take care x


Well done you, nice to hear positive things x


Thank you dk1136 😀


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