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The last straw!

Hey, I am 18 years old, Ever since i was 10 years old I have suffered from ridiculously heavy periods, they would not only last 1 week but i was on a period for 4 months once, i have tried every single pill including the microgynon which gave me terrible headaches, cerazette which made me terribly depressed and many more, none of them have agreed with my body. I have also tried the injection and implant, nothing has worked. Not only do i get heavy period i also am crippled over in pain every time of the month, i have had numerous amounts of scans that have looked at my ovaries and i do have a small cyst on my right one, but doctors are not concerned. Last month was the worst period I have had in all 8 years, it got to the point in which i was wearing 12 thick heavy pads and having to change every 30 minutes (tmi sorry) I have returned to my doctor and they said i only have 2 options which is the coil, which is a new one called JAYDESS or i will have to have a hysterectomy. Many of my family have the coil and it didn't agree with them and just made them worse. I really am desperate for help and am seriously thinking about having a hysterectomy which at my age is serious. I was just hoping someone may have help or another idea, i really am desperate!!

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Im really sorry to hear you've had such a horrid time with your periods. Its horrible when people won't do anything about it.

Have you had a laparoscopy or has a consultant/doctor thought it could be endometriosis? If not, then have you considered seeing a different doctor? I know i saw 3 different ones before i saw my gp I'm with today, and the first time i explained symptoms she was amazing and sent me straight to a fab consultant!

Emma xxx


Yeah last July I had awful pain on the right side of my stomach and so i went straight to A&E where they said it was my appendix and I had a laparoscopy then and my surgeon said I had blood clots in my Fallopian tubes but they dismissed endometriosis, I then suffered from the same pain earlier this year and went back to the hospital where they then done a transvaginal scan and completely ruled out endometriosis. I've also been to 4 different gynaecologists and all they say is keep taking the pill and it will get better with age but so far nothing is improving things are just getting worse, I will try with a new gp though. Thank you!!xxx


I was told by my gp that a transvaginal scan wont usually diagnose endo. Have also read that in a few posts on here. Mine certainly didn't. It was only my lap that showed my endo. Do keep going back or try another gp. Could you afford a consultation with a private endo specialist? As i understand it if they recommend treatment it can be carried out on the nhs. My gp reccommended tranexamic acid for heavy bleeding. Have you tried this?

Really feel for you going through this at such a young age. :( x


Yeah I will, we've paid private to see a gyne before so I will try and find out about a specialist endo. Thank you! Yeah I will. Yeah I've tried tranexamic acid before and it made me terribly sick and incredibly ill and also it done nothing to my bleeding:( xx


Thank you for your help! I am now on the case to go see a specialist endo and also I am on the hunt to find a new gp. If I still do not get new answers I am going to see what different places abroad has to offer! I really hope you get the help you need!xx


Hi Hun, I'm 18 too and have ridiculously painful and heavy periods but not to the extent of yours. I have been diagnosed with adenomyosis as well as Endo and I've been told that's what causes it.

An internal scan is the best way to find this out and if there not looking for it, they wont see it. The womb wall will look speckled and that is a sign of adenomyosis. Try looking on NHS Choices to find out fully what adeno is.

Unfortunately, for me, the only way to help it is to have a hysterectomy. They have advised the coil and I am not happy to have that so I'm going to stay as I am for now.

What has helped my periods though is the contraceptive patches Evra. Like you, I've tried almost every pill, implant and injection going and nothing has worked for it fully. Although the patches don't stop the painful periods or heavy periods, they help immensely by me having barely to non existent pain and very light periods (although to anyone else it is a heavy period, haha)

I have been having prostap injections and they didn't work until this third one I had last week, I have started using the patches alongside it and miraculously my daily pain has gone and I haven't had any period yet (fingers crossed it stays that way)

First of all get yourself an Endo specialist to get that part sorted. I go to a private clinic but I'm going on the NHS, its the only one I know to do that. Whereabouts di you live? Then I can recommend places to go as I know where they all are. I will pm you with a response.

Keep your chin up for now. I understand how hard this is, we're literally the same and its so unfair that we have to go through this so young. For me, children are a huge part of my life and so to make the decision to have a hysto is a massive one.

If at any time you need anyone to talk to, we're all here for you but pm me if there's anything you're worried about and I'll respond ASAP as I'm on here most days. I hope I helped in some way and if you need any more information on adeno then pm me and let me know.

Good luck, take care and lots of hugs being sent your way!!

Leya xxxx


Hey chick here is the link for accredited endometriosis centres bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... am 21 I have been suffering since I was 16 my periods were always 7 days and heavy and very painful I put up with it until I started getting pain 24/7 ive been in and out of hospital like a yo-you had thousands of scans everything came back clear so they kept saying I had ibs and there was nothing up with me and that I was going mental saw about 5 different gynecology doctors they kept saying I just suffered painful periods and that my painful sex was a sti witch it wasnt as I couldn't have sex to get one! Last year 4 years on since it all started was 20 my dad had enough and dragged me back the doctors saying that I hadn't been right since my periods started as always my first day of my period am throwing up with pain and am crippled and I had to miss a day off school, my dad was saying to my gp its not ibs and am not mental sort it out, so she refered me back to gynecology, my appointment came and I walked into the room with my swollen stomach I always look pregnant on bad pain days my consultant came out and said you have endometriosis am booking you in for a laparoscopy, my laparoscopy came and I was diagnosed with endometriosis she said the only way endo can be diagnosed is through the lap and its right as all my scans were completely normal! Push for a laparoscopy as soon as you can its taken me nearly six years now to get answers and am still in alot of pain now, sorry for the essay good luck hun inbox me if you want a chat x


Thank you so much Leya, take care! And thank you Sammy Robinson I've gone on the link and found my closest endometriosis, hopefully now i'm going to be a step forward! Thank you all so much, Good luck and take care!xxxx


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