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Natural treatment/remedies

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I had a laparoscopy back in September and have been told that I now need to look at going back on a pill, unfortunately due to a family history of blood clots I can no longer have combined pills so I am left with the mini pill as my only option which is not great for me as I also have polycystic ovaries so this would likely make this worse considering it’s proestrogen only. I have tried both coils, multiple combined pills and had no luck and only experienced a massive change in my emotional state and awful acne so I am reluctant to put my body through anymore. I’m really keen to try and find a more natural way to prevent the endo from growing back and interested to hear anything that has worked for others?

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Yes many women including me have experienced a lot of relief from trying natural approaches to healing endo. There is no cure yet but this doesnt mean we cant live healthier lives free of symptoms. From the mid to end of 2017 to the early part of 2018, I was in agony and ended up being diagnosed with endo in 2018. Missed a lot of work but once I started doing the things below, I experienced massive relief and all the pain outside of my periods went away majorly. I can function and even when I feel pain it is usually 1 out of 10. So please do not give up okay. We are all unique and what works for A might not work for B. But generally some things work and these are:

1. Eliminate/reduce wheat, gluten, dairy, processed sugars and alcohol as much as possible.

2. Supplementation - Many of us use things like turmeric and ginger to fight inflammation which endo causes and results in all of the pain, probiotics because many endo sisters have found that their healthy gut bacteria have been destroyed because of all the painkillers, fish oils and evening primrose oil for hormone balancing, serapeptase to break down dead cells and cysts and prevent blood clots, Magnesium/Zinc and other trace minerals because many endosisters seem to be deficient, Vitamin D. (Speak to your healthcare professional though before getting on medicines especially if you are taking other medicines)

3. Natural progesterone cream (ask your doctor for this)

4. Please eat lots of vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts. I make sure half of my plate is full of these vegetables because they help fight inflammation, and fibre helps bind to excess oestrogen and expel from the body (Endo means we have excess oestrogen).

5. Castor Oil packs help to detoxify your liver.

6. Gentle exercise.

I know it seems like a lot, and it can be doubtful it these work but trust me, once you start and you begin to feel relief, then you will know anything is possible.

You are not alone and message me if you ever need to talk more.


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molliem in reply to endokicker1

Thank you so much for your reply.

I cut out gluten a few years ago as I heard that this helps and have tried to reduce my intake of the other foods you’ve suggested as much as possible also!

Thanks very much though this is all really helpful.

I cant really be of much help but I am feeling exactly the same i had my laparoscopy back in march last year and had a coil put in because they found some endo on one of my ovaries the coil was horrible i was so anxious and upset which ended up happeninf everyday and i can totally related with the acne to it was starting to scar my face. I had it taken out in november and the gynecologist was very unhappy that i wanted it out and said if i dont take the mini pill now i will end up in the same position again.

I cant take any combined pills as I suffer with aura migranes and they make me so ill so the mini pill is my next option but i am exactly the same i have such a fear of my moods being affected again because i feel so much better without anything even though my periods have been so heavy and horrible since having the coil out i have had 3 periods since having it out and i am now due on again and still so torn in wether to take it or not sorry i cant be of my help but i just wanted to say youtlr not alone! I am going to follow your post to see if i can see anymore useful tips hope things get better for you ☺ x

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molliem in reply to Victoria1988

They’ve literally said mini pill is my only option now and they’re not sure if it will work for me but I would just have to try it and see what happens, which I don’t feel is a great option!

Thank you lovely, you too xx

Hi Molliem - like Endokicker1 I have also found following a healthy elimination diet - avoiding dairy, wheat (and especially in bread), processed food and sugars, and alcohol as much as possible - though this doesn't mean that if I have a piece of cake or one glass of wine all my problems will come flooding back - but the more you avoid these foods, the more relief you get. Also COFFEE! I found it to be my biggest poison - when I started drinking it again a year ago then my problems came back with a vengeance (the caffeine increases cortisol which competes with production of progesterone from its building block of pregnenalone) - and that was just one cup a day. So - no coffee for me, or tea in fact - unless it's non-black tea - so I now rely on flavoured green teas (eg with coconut or ginger) and rooibos tea is good flavoured with coconut and cacoa (Taste the Difference from Sainsburys) - but there are hundreds of options to choose from in the supermarkets.

If I'm really good and avoid most no-no foods and drink, and go for occasional runs (only one mile at a time - sometimes further) or go swimming regularly, or dancing, then I can be free of pain for the whole month apart from 2 days during my period - but even then, with Nurofen during this time, I may only be 4 hours in severe pain. I find that a push on exercise shortly before my period can give great results. If I ate a normal Western diet then I would be in pain 24/7 - with constant back / bladder and ovarian pain, as well as awful digestive/bowel issues and pain - and have no quality of life at all and a miserable existence. Following the healthy regime gives me my life back, and also keeps me slim and looking younger (so I'm told), so there are other plusses too!

Oh another thing - the more time I spend out in the daylight, the lesser my pain, and I really noticed this when I was on holiday in Florida in October - in fact when I was over there I could break my diet quite a lot and still be okay, so I think that the rays we get from the sun (the whole visible spectrum - not just UV) is really key.

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molliem in reply to Healthnut25

That’s great, thanks so much. I’m really trying to do something active every day and increasing what I’m doing at the gym so fingers crossed that will all help. I’m off to Florida in May so hopefully I’ll experience much of the same as you did!

Thanks again xx

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