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Anyone else stopped all medication and gone down the natural path??

Hi All,

I have stopped my pill (cerazette) after weeks of bleeding, pain, bad skin and weight gain and no benefits! I have tried every other pill possible and none of them stopped the bleeding even though skin was great! Between January and April they tried me on three different pills and my body didn't know wether it was coming or going.

I have been offered coil which I said no to and now they are pushing the Zoladex injections on me, which I also have strongly declined being only 25. I have been under a homeopath for the last 6 months and my diet is very natural and geared towards endometriosis. I am trying to avoid all pain killers on when absolutely necessary. Now I have come off of the pill I am hoping my body will respond well.

I feel that I have been given all these drugs but the side effects of the all don't make it worth it. The amount of codeine I was taking I couldn't drive and felt awful, I was on pregabalin but was getting heart palpitations and the pill did nothing. I do not want that with the injections!

My homeopath is over the moon that I have made the decision to come off of the pill as she says her treatment will be so much more effective. I believe it has already made a massive difference! I have lost a lot of faith with conventional medicine and feel it is only TRYING to treat the symptoms and not the cause and in my case giving me plenty of new symptoms!!!

Has anyone else going down this route?

Many thanks

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I use accupuncture alongside cerazette which helps keep my body under control most of the time.

I'm curious, what foods help endo?

I hope you find some good natural remedies soon. X


Yes! Or at least I'm trying to manage with diet, accupuncture and less stress. I've just discovered a TENS machine which helped with the pain. It's not easy and you don't see the results straight away but I do believe that what you put in your body affects what you put out. Good luck x


Hi Hun, I found cerazete one of the worst things I've ever taken. Felt terrible on it with v bad depression and weight gain and bad skin. Much better off it. I have acupuncture which I can't cope without, also best diet I can manage with no wheat or dairy or v little. I'm at the end of line now and due a full hysto as have constant sciatica due to adenymyosis but I'm 46. I also use tens machine and only paracetamol as can't take anti inflamatories as I have taken too many of them in the past and now have gastritis. Good luck sweetheart. X


Hi ya I've been on some form of contraception for 30 years only stopping in July this year after a severe breakout when my stage 3 endo was diagnosed. I eat as little wheat or diary as I can and started to fell really well. I had a break from the diet whilst I had a family visitor and I started to feel bad again so I've restarted the diet. Also try and avoid tea/coffee/chocolate. I also have been advised to eat my main meal at lunch time and a little less in the evening. I might even be temped to try acupuncture after hearing your stories. I tried visanne but didn't agree at all with me and I am resisting Zoladex. Good luck from me.


I'm thinking of doing exactly the same. I'm 34 and developed severe depression on the implant. I was put on Cerazette and hated it so I moved to the copper coil and felt brilliant without the added hormones. I was then diagnosed with endo so they swapped my copper coil for the Mirena one and I feel awful. I am constantly bloated, tired, no energy, feel sick, low etc. By the end of every day I look pregnant as my stomach swells throughout the day. I asked to have it removed and my GP told me that the progesterone is such a low dose that it can't be having an affect on me and that anyway, these symptoms are better than the pain of endo. I think I would rather get rid of the coil and go with nothing.


I have the mirena coil it took months to settle but it's been great for me, but in the past I have tried reflexology


I wanted to avoid hormonal treatment because the pill changed my personality a lot when I took it before. I know its risky as the endo could grow faster but there are pros and cons to either path and I decided that this path was better for me, for now.

I take Omega 3 every day to reduce inflammation and to help my body heal (backed up by research on rats with induced endometriosis so I will do this for life, it also could help with depression).

I also do yoga twice a week at least, this, I hope will reduce adhesions but I have no evidence that it will work this way.. and at least it will help with stress and keep me fitter.

I also use naproxen and paracetamol for the pain as well as mindfulness meditation.

I have reduced by red meat intake as this has also been linked to endo severity so I can only have red meat once a week and preferably less than that, its a treat really.



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