Has anyone else had pelvic physiotherapy???

I had my 3rd session of pelvic physiotherapy yesterday and I've spent today in bed in absolute agony and it's not showing any signs of easing!! I was referred for vaginal/pelvic physio after years of struggling with endo and after the last surgery 18 months ago for vaginal vault dissection and adhesiolysis. The adhesions and scar tissue are making sexual intercourse impossible and yesterday's session was excruciating whilst she was doing this!! I'm due to have an anterior and posterior prolapse repair with sacrospinal fixation in 14 days time which can't come quick enough!!

Guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that the pain is normal after that kind of physio,just feeling really low today :-(

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  • I have not heard of this treatment. What do they do exactly? How did they promise it would help?

  • Hi, for me it's manual manipulation of the vaginal passage to try and 'soften' the scar tissue/adhesions on the other side of the vaginal wall!! It's very very painful at the moment but as I am very prolapsed it probably isn't helping matters!! They haven't promised anything at she's merely trying to get the muscles to relax to aid the healing process when I have surgery in two weeks.

  • Hi, Oh my days I could think of anything worse. I don't know what else to say. I'm lay here now with the worst endo pain ever on really strong pain med and there is no way on this earth:-( I could handle someone pressing on my stomach in any way. All I can say is bless you :-( maybe it's one of those things that gets worse before it gets better I'm not sure. I just wanted you do know I was thinking of you kxx

  • I'm actually due to be reffered for pelvic physio because of painful intercourse, please let me know how you get on , hope you feel better x

  • We've had to stop the physio for the time being as I had surgery on Tuesday and can't be worked on internally for at least 10 weeks, the physio didn't feel that for me it would be something that would be very helpful to me long term due to the amount of scar tissue and adhesions I have down below!! She wanted me to have Botox down below but our trust don't recommend or fund it!! So definately give it a go and see what they can do to help x

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