Pelvic scan snd vaginal scan / endo

Hi just wanted some advice, I've had all the symptons of endo now for 2 years and it's getting worse, had a pelvic scan today with vaginal one too. The guy said everything was ok I nearly cried on him. Couldn't see anything he said. But while he was scanning me inside he did say " ovary was hiding behind bowl "" must of found it as he said all ok. Back to the hospital now for my gyni app... Feel so deflated x

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  • I had exactly the same thing. Nothing was found on my scans, but I didn't give up and a lap diagnosed severe endo x

  • Hi endo doesn't always show up on scans. If your ovary is stuck behind your bowel that to me would suggest endo but i could be wrong. Don't give up and push for a lap as this is the only real way to diagnose endo. Good luck.

  • I had these scans, and nothing showed up, it's rare for endometriosis to show up on scans, the only way to diagnose endo us via a laporscopy, and even then it's better to be seen by a BSGE specialist, as genral gyne s often miss endo in certain places,

    Keep going and font give up, xxx

  • I think they just have to refer you for a scan before any other steps are taken, I suppose in case they find something else. Mine only found some uterine polyps but my GP has referred me to the gynae for more investigation as she thinks my pain is too much for just some polyps. Hope you get referred on xx

  • It doesn't show on ultrasound and will only be seen on MRI or CT if the person reading the scan knows what there looking for!

    Good luck. X

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