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Surgery again.. 21 months after last surgery!!

Hi Ladies, (having a moan)

Well just under 2 years (27th Aug 2012) since my last surgery (full laparotomy) to remove cysts and advanced endo and now I'm right back here again! My CA125 is over 400 and CT shows advanced endo with endometriomas in both ovaries. I have endo at the pouch of douglas and in constant pain. My life is kinda miserable, nor helped by the fact me and my partner are trying to conceive.

Has anyone with advanced (stage 4) managed to get pregnant??? I need a ray of hope....

We have been referred to Assisted Conception so hopefully we will get seen there after my surgery.

I'm just a bit disenheartened and fed up that since my first surgery in 2010, I've had surgery every other year for this, and have been on GnRH treatment three times. I can't take anything else that has hormones such as Mirena or pill as I suffer chronic migraines. So i find it hard. I was on Prostap for a year after my last surgery but couldn't use any add back HRT meds, I was in hot flush hell lol.

My periods have been back for 7 months and now I need surgery again!! My body is a nightmare! Totally hating life at mo. Hate the way the doctors scare you too! I seen my consultant on the Tuesday and was phoned with my surgery date on the Thursday! Why the rush!? Good thing is that the doctor is supposed to be amazing at laparoscopic work, so fingers crossed I don't get opened up again.

Thanks for reading you are a supportive bunch x

Amanda x

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Hi Amanda - will this be your first surgery with this specialist?


Yes. My previous surgeon didn't feel he could do anything else for me other than give me a hysterectomy x


Hi Amanda - I'll message you privately x


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