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Pain all the time and escalating. Anyone else?

I constantly have pain in my left side and then get massive take your breath away, make you feel sick spasms. Some days the pain is worse than others? The daily pain levels seem to be getting worse and the spasms are becoming unbearable. I'm on my break at work with pain in my left side that feels like someone is tearing me open with a hot knife. The CoCodamol I took at 9 are doing nothing so am just taking Ibuprofen. I don't want to resort to Tramadol as I have a management meeting at 4pm and then a rush hour drive home. I just want to get a hot water bottle and cry. I'm on Mercilon birth control so have not had a period since March. On the list for a lap. Have an MRI in 3 weeks. I've booked in for another GP appointment to see if there is anything she can recommend.

Is there anyone else always in pain?

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Hi - can I just check that the lap is to be done at an endo centre and not by a general gynae. Please click on my username and look at my posts on endo and its many possible symptoms and especially the last one on Pouch of Douglas endo. It sound very much like that is what you have and you should only be seen in a specialist centre. If you aren't sure left me know the consultant's name and the hospital by private message.x

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