Anyone else 'forget' pain?

Being on the pill back to back I have forgotten how bad my period pain is. I know that sounds ridiculous. When I'm not on period I have back pain, pelvic and abdominal discomfort and constant fatigue. Standard. But I haven't had period since February and now today I am in quite a lot of pain. Its been building gradually over the last few days and today is D-day (or maybe P- day). Bowel movements are painful ( and quite a bit of blood too which is always nice :/), I have a heat pad on my back and hot water with me on the sofa, taking ibuprofen and OTC co-codamol and waiting for my dad to pick up my prescription co-codamol from the docs (the good stuff).

I'm having a laparscopy in few weeks and was worried that they wouldnt find endo but now today I'm like of course they're going to find endo. This pain is not NORMAL. But I forget how bad it is. Like I don't know how that is possible because i'm sitting here typing this through gritted teeth as another wave of pain hits. I just dont think we are very good at remembering pain. And one of my friends has recently been diagnosed with endo and I was chatting to her and she suddenly remembered a time in work when her period pain was so bad she had to leave and go have a nap in her car because she felt so sick and could hardly move. She'd forgotten all about that incident. Do we forget about it because its just become our 'normal' or is it that we've been told its womans troubles and its our lot in life so we just deal with it. I dunno.

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I'm the same, maybe it's a coping mechanism. I say to my husband "I wasn't too bad this week" he laughs and says " don't you remember when you were crying on the sofa and had to go to bed at 6pm?!"... Maybe we don't want to taint the better days, or maybe it does become normal, who knows? Nothing else about Endo is logical! X

haha that's hilarious, i mean its not funny you were crying on the sofa but its so weird how we just block it out! I think it could defo be a coping mechanism . I've only just managed to get my precious co-codamol today otherwise i wouldnt cope this weekend. But Ive been really slack getting my repeat prescription cause im like nah I dont need it I'll be fine. Maybe its trying to be optimistic. I just find it really interesting.

Yes, that is so me! I have been on the pill for years and years and I always forget how awful periods can be. I don't get them much anymore as I am in Loestrin which suppresses most of my periods, but when they come, the pain always takes me by surprise.

Its crazy isn't it. And thats exactly what it feel like - a surprise. But it really shouldn't take us by surprise, logically we should know exactly what is coming and not be surprised by it. But then I've had some really bad hangovers in the past and it hasn't stopped me drinking too much. Although i suppose thats not really the same thing. I might have to google whether we can remember pain and find some answers

Yes, I have a similar experience. I have both abdominal pain from endo and migraines and when I'm not in pain from either, it's almost hard to imagine the pain. Maybe it's my body's way of giving me breaks, so that when I'm not in pain I'm not dreading when the pain will come.

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