Newbie-anyone feel ill all the time?

Hi to all the girls reading this I'm new to this forum and so grateful that I've found it. I have endometriosis and I am on a hormone treatment, at the moment all seems to be controlled for the first time in a while. Although I'm writing on here as I'd really like some advice, I seem to pick up bugs, viruses and infections all the time and it seems like I'm constantly ill. Also with the fatigue that comes with this disease it can make it very difficult at times to get better. I've had blood tests for my iron, thyroid and liver function which have all come back clear, but I don't feel like the doctors at giving me any help or suggestions, if anyone can give me advice I would really appreciate it, thanks for your time x

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  • Hi have you had the endo removed? Endo causes inflammation which can affect your immune system so we tend to pick things up quite a lot.

  • Thanks for the reply, no I haven't, my doctor said he didn't want to do that yet as it comes with risks, and he wants to keep that as the last option. However quite honestly he hasn't suggested much else x

  • Have you had a laparoscopy?

  • No I haven't, not yet

  • I'd see another doctor hun. I had really bad fatigue with mine and was frequently I'll for years. Along with lots of pain also had hormone treatments still had the pains just not as regular. Definitely ask for a second opinion.

  • Thanks for the reply, yes that seems to be what I am suffering with. If you don't mind me asking did they change your treatment to stop that from happening?

  • I was just given different types of contraceptives I'm on the depo currently not getting off it either they suggested the coil during my lap but I have a history of pelvic inflammatory disease from the last two times I had the coil fitted. I'm sticking with the injection as it has stopped my from having periods almost completely I have to odd breakthrough bleed but hoping I shouldn't now I've had my lap

  • Okay thanks for sharing, I hope it all continues to work :)

  • Hi. I know how you feel I've had constant sinus problems for the last 2 moths+. I have no sinus problems according to an ent as my scans were clear. I also have a permanent head cold which I can't clear, this adds to my dizziness and wooziness but gp says I can't do anything about it. Medications give me side effects. Its because endo is auto immune related I think. But we se gynaecology not immune system consultants. Go figure. I take supplements with litte success but b12 has helped a bit with my tiredness. Good luck x

  • I hope you get more help and hopefully have more support with your treatment. Yeah I know what you mean, thank you for the suggestion I may look into more vitamins and supplements I can have yo support me :)

  • I am exactly like this... i was diagnosed 7 years ago i have a 4 year old and my symptoms have gotten worse over the last 12 months. My son picks up allsorts from nursery and passes to me. Im drained constantly. Had loads of bloods scans but all they found was im vit d deficient. Its awful... hope you feel better soon x

  • Oh gosh that must be really difficult, I work in a nursery believe it or not so I am finding it really hard, I've worked there for a few years, but the last year has been really hard x

  • I have had severe asthma and allergies since childhood and then severe endo as an adult. Turns out, there may be a link according to some research. Indeed, this is an inflammatory disease that can tax your immune system leaving you vulnerable to infections. After 3 surgeries, I still have pain, fatigue, intestinal problems, depression, anxiety ... you name it. I take B12 and Vitamin D to help, but there seems no end in sight.

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