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Fed up

Been to the doctors earlier as I'm on my first period since my lap but the pain is worse than its ever been in 5 years. Couldn't sleep last night cos my stomach felt like it was twisting itself and paracetamol, ibuprofen and mefanemic acid don't work at all. I've had to tell my boss I can't work tomorrow, I was doing an 8 hour shift but the cafe is the busiest it's been in ages and i have to move round so much I just can't do it. She doesn't understand or seem to really care that I'm in pain just that I can't work so it's an annoyance. It makes me think was there any point in having this lap at all as so many symptoms have gotten worse, I've been getting pain after sport which is basically my life and that has been getting me down :( The doctor prescribed me co-codamol and ibuprofen and says I'm stressed, which is an understatement, and that could be affecting my endo and ibs quite a lot. I just feel so stressed and fed up and I'm sorry but needed to let it all out. This condition can really get you down sometimes :(

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I feel exactly the same!! Had my first lap about 6 weeks ago, my period was horrendous worse pain than ever. Now bleeding again? Stay positive honey I know it's crap but hopefully it'll ease off, cocodamol will help with the pain. It's very disheartening but I'm sure it'll get easier and you'll be back to your old self xxx


Yh I can imagine what it must have been like, is horrible we have to go through all this :/ just hoping the cocodamol will knock me out tonight haha :) it's just so hard to believe that it'll get better after it being so bad, thanks for replying :) xxx


I had the same thing when I had my lap 2 years ago.

They then put me on a course of treatment of zoladex for 6 months then they recommended I get the coil fitted, which I did as as my mum had the same coil as me I thought it would help, but unfortunately it hasn't. I was taking Naproxen but that has started to not work, so they have given me co-codamol, but it makes me really drowsy, to the extent that i took 1 this morning and i slept for 2 hours cz it knocked me out, which is great when im not working, but i cant take them during work. so i just have to deal with the pain at work. I can completely understand how bad the pain gets and can really sympathise with you i feel like that a lot of the time. i am currently waiting to go back and see my hospital consultant, as the pain has got worse and i have new problems, it just seems never ending.

I hope you begin to feel better soon. xxxx


Oh God you seem to have had a horrible time. I have been told I should get the coil but I said no and went back on the pill, it just freaks me out a lot. Well I've just taken one so we'll see how it goes as never had them before :) I think the problem is I've gotten so used to not showing the pain that I could feel like my insides are being chopped up but wouldn't show it other people just have no idea what we're going through. I'm really worried I'll have to go back and it'll just be a never ending vicious cycle :/ thank you I do too, couldn't play netball tonight which was agony for me but will just have to deal with it I guess :( xxxx


Aww I'm so sorry! I used to play netball but had to stop as I have muscle problems in my back.

I was really scared and nervous about getting the coil, it was one of the options before I got to last resort type of options like being sterilised and having my eggs as I've tried everything else but can't have certain things due to side effects from them, like servere constant bleeding, migranes and so on. Xxx


Oh God I can't imagine not being able to play, it pretty much is my life. Ok well I think I will try everything else before I resort to that, the pill is doing me fine it's just remembering to take it haha :) I do get quite bad headaches but the nurse said it was in the wrong place to be because of the pill xxx


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