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Fed up ... feel like I can't take anymore !!!

Had my 2nd Lap 5 weeks ago, having server pain in my right side, stabbing lower back pain, sore to pass wind, pee etc. What is up? Has anyone else experienced pain like this after their lap? What should I do? Family are good but they really don't understand the diseases an the affect it has on the person's life. I'm just so depressed and feel I can't take it anymore :( getting married in April an hate the thought of suffering on my special :( Really sorry for the rant, please address you thoughts, etc of what I should do and your experience. HATE THIS DIEASE :(

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Hi Shelly144,

So sorry to feel you are so uncomfortable and fed up, and I really do sympathise with how your feeling.

I personally have found acupuncture helpful in the past at helping with my pain symptoms and mood,I was sceptical at first but found it really helpful, I'd managed to get myself in a total rut,I was in pain, which was causing me frustration and stress which in turn was lowering my mood, and affecting my entire life.

Have a look at acupuncture and see if you think it may help you, it certainly helped me.

Where do you live? As we have support groups throughout the UK and these are listed on our website.


We also have a lost of publications that you can print off that you may find useful, including a pain and symptom diary which you may find useful to take to your next drs appointment and a great leaflet on understanding endometriosis which may be useful to show family and friends.


I really hope you find all of the above useful.

And have a wonderful wedding day in April.

All the very best



Hi Emma thank you for your kind thoughts and fir the useful links.

I have tried acupuncture before my 2nd and it didn't give me any ease it caused my bladder to develop inflammation.

I'll have to try and get something sorted before returning to work, as I don't like people to know I'm suffering.

Thanks again for you thoughts, advice and kind support.


You will be fine on your wedding day hun, when the adereline kicks in. I came out of hospital two days before my wedding day after been cut open twice 10cm and 20cm scars on my tummy. I could hardly walk or stand but once I got down the aisle I completely forgot about the pain!

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Hi Jembee, thank you for your positive thoughts! Fingers crossed I do, can't believe it's only 9 weeks lol x


It is difficult to explain to others that haven't experienced these symptoms. I'd got to a point where I wasn't eating for a few days at a time because the discomfort of the waste working through my system to actually needing to go was so painful that I wanted to avoid it if at all possible. It got me down and even laxatives didn't help. I found info online suggesting food groups can increase the symptoms, I made changes to my diet based on this and it does seem to be easing the problem.

I cut out wheat, gluten, dairy, caffine, red meats, sugar and sweetners. More info is widely available online with explanations as to why they cause issues. It seems harsh but for relief it was worth it to try.

Enjoy your big day.

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Thank you minniepoddle for your kind thoughts and advice. Yeah I feel the same like days I would be luck if I eat a meal as the thought of going to the toiletis a nightmare. I have lost a stone and a half with the pain being unbearable. Got blood test done on friday for celioc etc. So waiting on results. Im just in a really low an feel is this something which I will have to live with for the rest of my life, cause just feel I will not be able to cope. Thanks for the advice on the diet which I will try an fingers crossed it will help. Thanks again, hope feel better for the hig day.


Minniepoodle is absolutely right in the steps she took - all remove inflammation. At the end of the day that is all endo is - just another way of manifesting hormone and auto-immune imbalance. I hope that your wedding in April went well and that with the right support you can make your life better as time goes by. Your body is destroying itself from within and you are absolutely correct, it's impossible to explain. Compensating for outward appearance of being better than one feels often backfires - people just don't get it. The fact that it's so painful to 'go' is preventing you from removing the crap that's hurting so many of us on this board. I found an amazing relief by aggressively turning to Serrapeptase (I'm in US and can buy it form Doctors' Best brand on Amazon cheaply though understand that it might be a script only in Europe). You can pm me or simply search for it - it is taken on an empty stomach an hour before food or three hours after. You can't OD on it. It literally goes through your intestines and dissoves anything dead in your body. It helps elimination, flushes extra estrogen out and dissolves extra endo scarring which adds to the pain and spasms. My holy grail combo (for the last 3 + years) has been - 160-240K serrapeptase through the day, 2-4 capsules of DIM, extra B12, MSM (6-8mg daily in pure crystal form, not capsules and tolerance built up slowly), extra D3 w/K1-2. I also cut out a lot of GF safe grains - i.e. rice and corn. I am so sorry you feel so isolated. It will get better, I promise.


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