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Just a bit fed up!

So I have decided not to go to uni anymore purely because I cannot bare to move away from my family who are supporting me through this rough time! Everybody's moaning at me and saying how ridiculous I am for changing my life plan over something like this. People really do not seem to understand how stressed out I am. I'm waiting for counselling but it seems like it is taking forever. Finishing college next month with massive amounts of work needing to be done, running my own special need Saturday club which has loads of paper work and planning and no-body seems to understand how down I am. Does anybody elses pain get worse when being stressed? I'm sorry, I just wanted a moan really. People just do not seem to understand. erghhh!

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Ah yes....sometimes the OP's (Ordinary People) can be such a problem. It's just one of those things. Unless they've experienced it for themselves they will simply never truly understand. I like to consider myself EXTRAordinary! I think my endo has made me stronger!

Stress is a real issue with endo. If you feel stressed your body starts producing cortisol to deal with it. The production of cortisol uses progesterone which is not good news. This means our progesterone reduces and oestrogen is high in relation to it. This situation exacerbates endo as endo is oestrogen dependent and will thrive in this imbalanced environment and cause you more pain.

Is there a yoga or meditation class you could join until you get through this time? Even simple things like having a long hot bath with essential oils will help you relax and destress a bit.

If people are judging your plans they don't have your best interests at heart. Only you can truly decide what's best for you and you are simply doing the best you can with what you have.

And remember...because you have endo you are extraordinary! x


Sorry it's very late, but thank you for your comment! you've got such a positive outlook on it, I wish I could be more like you at this moment in time!x


oh so thats why im having a really bad period at the the moment and my final uni exams are on friday!!! :(

Ohhhhh deeearrr. I am doing a Biological science degree, so this does make sense to me.

You must do what is best for you, look after yourself.

It is a very frustrating world when people do not understand what endo-sufferers are going throough. Im feeling pretty low myself at the moment (uni coming to an end, and im running out of energy to get through it, and now my period is just causing me chaos). Today I have wasted a whole day which i should have been revising, sat in my pjs in bed because my pain has been too bad. And here i find myself on the endo-message boards searching for a post similar to this one for a bit of comfort.

You are not alone, :) University is extremely tough, especially if you have to move away. Lucky for me my uni is in my home town and my support network is here, BUT i still find it very tough in stressful situations. My friend said to me today before driving me home (as i felt really ill) "Katie, why dont you go outside and get some fresh air, that might make you feel a bit better?" I said "Liz, honestly, it wont" so she then suggested "Katie, why dont we go to the cafe and get a cup of coffee?". In the end I just asked her to drive me home so i could get into my pyjamas, lay in bed, and try and fumble some revision notes when the pain subsided a bit.

Its very tough!


PS- on the plus side with studies my university has honoured me full extenuating circumstances on all assignments and exams just incase i have a nasty period on any of my exams. This at least takes away some of my worries knowing i have a safety net. Your uni should offer you support if you needed any :)


Ahh that's good to know! Thank you for your comment and i'm sorry this is a very late reply! I've decided not to go to uni anymore, I don't think I'll cope very well aha! Good luck with your results!


I got diagnosed with Endo tho laparoscope the summer hols before uni. The 1st op was while i was at home with family and as i wanted to do my degree which happened to be in derby, which in from hull. I find i need op every 2/2.5 years. The next one was while i was at uni 2nd year very hard work, had to relay on friends and housemates but it went well and uni were very helpful, while at uni i had injections that you in a menopause state then reverses itself when they stop no good and had injection like pill which turned me in to a zombie awful. When qualified i went to London and everything kicked off again i had have op in London and that was hard as all on my own and my cuts got infected and blood pouring out tummy button. It healed but i couldn't cope on my own, it took everything out of me. I moved backed to hull to be with family and friends. I meet my husband 2.5 years ago and had have op only 5 months off dating such hard work with new job ect but my partner was amazing, had slight infection but was alot better then London op as i had to do everything myself so couldn't look after myself properly. He proposed after op, we married year ago so im 2 years after my last op and im horrendous agony, first time ever had take time of work,got admitted to hosp 7 weeks ago they did tests decided it was Endo again, i had to wait 8 weeks to see gynie. IM on morphine and agony, worse ever been. Were trying for baby last year no luck yet. People are not understanding

at all. I do understand where your coming from. If you can do your degree and have good quality of life at home doing your degree then do it it take alot of extra stresses away from you, and you already got friends that no you but if your only holding back cos of Endo and your not gonna enjoy your. Degree the same, then don't let Endo rule your life. One thing i know for sure and keep seeing on here is we are all hard cookies who deal with endo. It tough living with Endo lots lows with few highs but we fight and got remember we need to enjoy things as much as poss, which i no is hard in awful pain but you learn to work with it, even how rota system to get work done ect. Don't let rune your future happiness as we only have one life and even with this awful illness we deserve the best. Good luck with uni, sorry i rabbited on as that another Endo does to me i rabbit in especially when in pain lol. Take care xx


Thank you for your reply, and i'm sorry this is late! I had my first lap at the very end of march/start to April and i think i'm being booked it for another one in august, so very scary! I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you know what stage you're at? I've been told i'm stage four so i'm very worried about fertility! Hope you get your baby soon!xx


Hi, i hope your laposcope went well and good luck with next one :) ive not been told a stage, that one thing been trying to find out. Ive been told that i cant have ivf on nhs cos my bmi is over 30 which really upset me as alot of weigh i put is due to pain but it given me kick up bum i need to eat properly. Look after yourself, my laposcope on 11th June so not long now :) best wishes xx


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