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Another day off work. Fed up =(

Had my first lap on the 4th of October to remove endo and am back in the same pain already. It seems worse than it was before and I don't know what to do =(

Been to see GP this morning, who thinks it's too early to say very much until I go back to the hospital in January and has given me codeine. She says I didn't have a lot of endo anyway so my pain could be unrelated, but it seems odd that I was fine for the first few weeks post-op.

My boss has been really understanding, but I'm a nursery nurse and she doesn't want me to go in if there's any chance I won't be able to do my job. I can't keep missing loads of work. Trying to look for a job that is less demanding of me physically but it's not that easy. I'm worried that I will have to give up work or will lose my job because of this and then I will be completely stuck.

Sorry for the rant. It's just nice to talk to people who are in the same situation or who have any suggestions.

Thanks x

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Hi hun, i dont really have any advice but i can really relate to how you're feeling. Ive been ill for the past seven weeks and two of these i had booked off as holiday. Unfortunately, ive had to have a further 6 days off sick (but in reality its 5 as my first sick day i was pretty much guilt tripped into working from home). I forced myself back in on Monday and i was a state: crying, in pain, had been sick twice in the morning. Somehow i managed to work the whole day. On the whole people have been considerate but one boss in particular annoyed me to say the least, i think he thinks im just having time off whenever i feel like it. Considering im the one whose first in, last to leave normally this really wound me up. Also, i was off for 2 weeks on holiday so even if i wasnt ill i wouldnt have been in! Im just trying to focus on getting to xmas now but with the pain its going to be a long ride


Oops didnt realise it wouldnt post my whole comment! Continued...

Im back at the doctors next tuesday as he wants to see me about getting a scan. He's treating me for an infection at the moment to rule it out but thinks it's a case of endo considering my history, my family history and my symptoms.

I hope you start to feel better soon hun, i really do. It's hard when there doesnt seem to be a lot of compassion for these kinds of illnesses. I try to take my mind off it by thinking about other things but at times thats really hard. Work wise ive made my mind up: if i get anymore remarks thats fine, but ill stop doing all the extra tasks and jobs they want me to do and ill be leaving at 5 on the dot instead of near enough 8pm! Cant have it both ways!


Thanks for your reply. To be honest, it's just good to know it's not just me.

My boss had a word with me today and, although she's trying to help me by letting me work with older children so it's a bit less physical, she told me to 'watch my absence' like I can do anything about it.

She told me to get a sick note if I have to go back to the DRs again. The problem is I can't go on sick long-term as it's not something that is going away and I have good days and bad days with it. Have no idea what to do =(


Thanks for your comment. I was quite surprised at my boss for saying that because she was really good when I had to have time off to recover from my lap. I do understand it from her point of view, but all the other staff are female and I sometimes think they probably think I'm making it up or being pathetic because all women go through period pains etc. I hate going back to work and being asked if I'm 'better' now =\

My boss is just concerned that I may be unfit for work, which is fair enough, but I don't see long term sick as the answer so no idea what to do. What she said was that I should get a sick note if I'm off again or need to go to the docs. As far as I'm aware the standard policy is after five days like you said.

GP wasn't very understanding as she kept highlighting that there was only a small amount of endo like that couldn't possibly explain my pain so am not looking forward to having to go back if I do.


Thanks I'll take a look.


Hey ladies, Iv been off work now over 5 months


I think this is where I may be heading. I don't want to be off work because I'm only twenty-three and, if my condition doesn't get any better, I have a long working life ahead of me!


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