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Pain In Pregnancy!

I'm 19 weeks pregnant after two years trying for a baby. I had a lot of pain right in the beginning which I put down to the endo.

In the last few days the pain has been agony, literally like my endo pain with a period but obviously not bleeding. The doctor says you can't have endo pain whilst pregnant because of the hormones.

Looking for anyone who have been pregnant with endo and to see their experiences please!

I'm worried sick that I am going to miscarry :( at least if I know others have suffered like this it will put my mind at ease.

I have stage 3-4 endo with scarring on the pouch of Douglas and my left ovary was stuck to the wall and this is my first pregnancy!

Thankyou xx

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I can't help with your questions but just wanted to say take care, xx


Thankyou! X


I had a lot of pain during my second pregnancy. My son is about to turn 9 and I didn't have an endo diagnosis at the time, but I definitely had symptoms and it seems very likely that I had endo then and didn't know. The entire pregnancy hurt. I had a lot of pain in my right side and back, started losing my mucus plug very early into the pregnancy, and he was head down and engaged by about 25 weeks as I recall. There was concern that I would go into early labour as I had also had problems in my first pregnancy and delivered my first baby early.

In the end he was born at home on his due date and I had a really easy labour (which TBH I think I deserved after suffering through the previous 9 months!)


Thankyou so much for replying! It's so good to hear that you had your baby full term.

Gives me hope!



I think you should go see your GP or midwife just to get it checked over. With the holidays coming up appt's will be harder to get and it will be better just to put your mind at ease that everything is ok with both you and baby. I found pregnancy to be painful at times, especially when i was growing rapidly and my muscles and ligaments stretching, but always best to get these things checked out. Take care, and good luck.


I have been back and forth to doctors and midwife all week, they just say they don't know why I'm getting the pain and I'm on a weeks rest from work now.

Just been told if the pain gets worse to go back up and be referred to hospital.

Thankyou so much x

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Hi I'm 27 weeks pregnant an now only just been given low dose of codiene to cope with pain, and laxatives as I also have it on pouch Douglas and getting a lot of pain back there let alone with codiene gonna make me constipated. I was so sure something was wrong as surely this much pain in a pregnancy wasn't right, but anyt health professionals I speak to seem to brush it of like they do when u go to them anything endo related. I too have been told you can't get endo pain whilst pregnant, like I came all the way to docs to make it up lol, we know are own bodies. I'm just gonna go with pain relief and rest for now.. Wishing you a happy pregnancy hun x


I remember talking to you when I first found out I was pregnant! Was so hoping you would reply.

I remember you being in pain back then and that was months ago.

The pain I'm getting is like low period cramping and then on occasions sharp up through the vagina pain.

I said to the midwife yesterday it feels exactly the same as it did with my endo and she said it can't be that as you don't get it in pregnancy.

What about all the scarring and adhesions that are there though, they haven't gone anywhere!

Sounds horrible to say others are in pain too but it's literally like a weight off my mind.

I think just resting yesterday has helped already.

Thankyou! X


Since you were trying for 2 years you were having periods so there's a chance the endo grew back and your uterus is stuck to something so well the baby grows it pulls. It could also be adhesions from surgery.


Hi I've been hospitalised and off work for past 2 weeks too from ridiculous pain. I'm 5-6 weeks pregnant and they have found a large cyst on my ovary which they think is causing the pain. I've also been put on codeine and laxatives and I'm struggling with pain as I go to the toilet, I also have endometriosis on my pouch of Douglas. It is scary being in so much pain when pregnant. Take it easy, thinking about you!xx


Hello. Can I ask how big your cyst is? I had a large one drained last year and really worried it's Grown back and they're going to insist on another lap before IVF. I hope it all settles down for you and quickly - wishing you all the very very best. It's never straight forward is it?! Xx


You're right, it's never straight forward! My cyst was 2inches big xx


Ah good to know- mine was 8cm+ when it was drained. Last scan 1cm and hoping it hasn't grown anymore as I don't want them to block the ivf (or more significantly reduce chances of ivf success). I'm so sorry to hear yours is being such a pain (literally). I hope very much it's calming down. Wishing you a very healthy and plain sailing pregnancy xx


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