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Exercise with ?endo pain


I'm looking for some advice on how you cope with endo pain and exercising. I'm currently waiting for my laparoscopy date which I've been told will be March - April time. I've gained over a stone in the last year and I'm fed up of my clothes not fitting me, now that I'm being investigated for endometriosis and weight gain being a possible symptom I've even more determined to shift weight especially ahead of my surgery and having to sit around after to recover.

Unfortunately every day pelvic pain has been bad for the last 5 days, I do find that exercise aggravates it as I went to the gym on Sunday and during the evening the pain was exceptionally bad. Does anyone have any tips on exercise to do that will shift weight but not make the pain worse or is that impossible? I know walking and yoga are the obvious ones but I'm not sure how effective it will be in losing a stone. I'm logging everything I eat at the moment and am on restricted calories so that should help.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! x

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Over the years I've found Solomon yogalates - Dynamic Weight Loss works the best for me. Before doing it I thought it wasn't intensive enough to lose weight and make me feel fit and healthy but I was wrong. It takes longer to lose weight but believe me it will have you sweating! I've tried running and more intensive exercises but I always end up with injuries. I think it's more important to find something you can do consistently rather than looking for a quick win that leaves you out of action for weeks at a time. Yoga is also good for stress and anxiety and will really help you feel stronger both physically and emotionally. Can't recommend it enough! I've checked Amazon and it's only £3.20 for the DVD I mentioned above.

Good luck.


That's such helpful advice, thank you so much! I will look into getting the DVD. When I feel ok I attend spin classes etc but end up with pain which isn't going to work out in the longer run!


I was the same, I'd go for a run because it made me feel good momentarily and then I'd pay for it for weeks. I'm too impatient and try to do too much too soon.

Can't wait to get back to being more active!

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I know what you mean. I used to go to the gym loads but now some exercises give me bad pain - i can't run or jog otherwise get awful pain and feel sick.

I go yoga at home and use youtube videos that are especially for endo as someone told me certain yoga positions make it hurt.

Have you tried swimming or aqua fit class? I find both of those good. Also zumba is good for lifting mood and as isn't too high impact then doesn't hurt



The pain i'm having at the moment is making even working difficult so would be good to try some gentle yoga moves! My gym doesn't have a swimming pool and I don't really enjoy swimming so probably wouldn't look to access one. Thanks for your advice! x


Anything is better than nothing in my mind. Even daily walking will make a difference. Maybe start counting your steps with an app and try to challenge yourself to beat your step count. I’ve just started yoga and was worried I wouldn’t find it challenging enough (was previously weightlifting until my symptoms worsened and now find excessive exercise exacerbates my pain), but actually it was incredibly challenging and I worked up a sweat! Not just that I found it very calming and I can already see that it will do wonders for my mental health and general well-being. Highly recommend! x


Yes I think I will start to use a fitbit as like you say anything is better than nothing! Seems like yoga is a beneficial one and they actually have 2 classes a week for yoga at my gym. Thank you! x


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