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Everyday pain

Hi all. I just want to know if there are some of you who have pain everyday?It is the whole day in my lower abdomen. It feels as if my period wants to start,but I feel it everyday. My gynecologist suspects endo. (Seeing him on the 14th of Aug again)I have been on Visanne for a few months now but I feel only a little bit better. It's definately not anything that I'm eating because I'm going dairy and glucose free. I'm so irritated!!!!The pain did go away whilst I was breastfeeding,but when I stopped it came right back! So to ask again are there any endo sufferers who endure daily pain and not only during periods and does it sound like endo taking into account the breastfeeding issue.

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Hello, ive had daily pain at different levels for over a year now, ive been diagnosed with ENdo and adenomyosis, for which im having a hysterectomy on sat, the only true way to find out is by having a laporoscopy, and then the best treatment is excision, not laser treatment,

I had mine excised in March and only feel a little better but my pain is hopefully now caused by the adeno,

I hope you get your answers soon, good luck


Thank you. Good luck for Saturday!!!!!!


Thanx for the reply. It feels as if adenomyosis and endometriosis goes hand in hand. Is it difficult to diagnose adenomyosis? Is a hysterectomy the only way to remove adenomyosis?


Hi hun.

I am also the same I have adenomyosis and endometriosis. I have had chronic daily pain which i have had for around 2 years, i am also going to be having a hysterectomy hopefully soon.

Even with just endo I think that you can have pain on a daily basis. I know the pain you mean it's like a crampons low in you abdomen.

I think you certainly have symptoms the fact that you have started to get the pains on a daily basis since you have stopped breastfeeding.

I think you need to have a laparoscopy hin because this is the only way that you will know for sure and get treatment.

I hope you get some help with your pain soon hun xx


Thanx for replying.Pain is definately like irritating cramps! I'm just not sure about the adenomyosis. How did you get diagnosed?What is the diffrence? Sorry about all the questions but I want to prepared when I see my Dr. He said if the pills don't work then I am definately getting a lap.


Hi hun

Sorry I wasn't suggesting you had adenomyosis hun, I was saying that what I have a diagnosis of aswell as endometriosis.

I got diagnosed with my endo and Adenomyosis in March via a laparoscopy because that's the only way it can be confirmed if suspected.

The difference is endo can be removed but can also grow back. The only cure for Adenomyosis is a hysterectomy because it where tissue a bit different to endo attaches itself in to the womb and causes alot of pain and inflammation.

That's alright hun that's what we are here for to share our own experiences.

I hope this helps.xx


Hi - did your pain go away when you were pregnant too? Do you have back or leg pain with it? x


Hi,no it only went away after my baby was born.Yes I do get like a stabbing pain sometimes in my leg and also back pain.It feels like period pain where your lower back and abdomen is soar. I don't have any digestive problems. I don't get like stomach aches.


I have pain every day too, but I'm like you - not diagnosed yet. It increases a lot during ovulation (6-8) and my period (8-10), but is around a 1-3 every day off and on. On my scale, 1 is like a little twinge and 10 is lying on the floor crying.

I haven't gotten a doctor to take me seriously about my pain. Not sure what to do there, but it seems like the only way to get diagnosed in the US is to go in for fertility problems. I don't want to get pregnant, so nobody cares.

I'm trying out a supplement I ordered online called endovan. I just got it Monday and have been taking three a day. Their web-site says to take two per day, but that you can take three if you have high metabolism (mine's pretty high, and I want it to work FAST). You're supposed to see a lot of improvement over the first two months, and I've been keeping a symptom journal to track it. I'm going to start a post after the first month so that people can see my review. It has a bunch of positive reviews on their web-site and on chat rooms like this, but they seem like they might be fake (at least some of them).

Good luck!

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Hi, Hope you find a Dr who will take you serious very soon! What is the supplement used for and what is the name? My pain doesn't reach 10 but it can become pretty intense sometimes!!!I'm going to the gym daily and I must say for an hour or two the pain is forgotten!


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