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Left ovary removal, pain in leg, groin back. Feel down :-(

Diagnosed with cycts on both ovaries in 2012 removal of cycts successful came back large on left removal of ovary scheduled Nov 2012.woke up from op nothing donem. Anthroscopickly couldn't get in ovary stuck to bowl Endo disgnised. Back in 2 weeks later 22 staples across tummy. 2years 4 mo this later pain in groin, back legs, thighs is debilitating!!! At its highest during my period. Also just had LLETZ for abnormal cell changes in my cervix not promiscuous! 2 lovers and I end up the unlucky one. Have right ovary pain very very mild find out its collapsed onto my uterus. Sleeping at night on the left had side is painful I feel I want to reach inside between my rib cage and waist I take whatever is causing me grief I fear its my kidney along with everything else! Doc wants to do full Hysterectomy??? Tells me the left pain is scar tissue?? No alternative suggested. Just had clear gene result on breast cancer . I feel I am on a emotional roller coaster. Going for a second opinion. Anyone else the same

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Hi - the important thing is who are you going to for your second opinion? It is vital that they are very specialised in complex endo surgery. Can you private message me their name and hospital so we can check them out. x


Hi Lindle. All my ops were private. I am with BUpa. I am looking now for a consultant . Prepared to go anywhere in the UK to see the best. I will get back to you. And thank you xxx


Hi Looo - have messaged you privately x


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