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Hip, back and leg pain?

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I have 2 endometriomas on both ovaries and today I'm getting a throbbing pain in my left ovary and electrical shock pains shooting up and down my left leg and pains in lower back, has anyone experienced this before? Thanks in advance xx

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I get shooting pains in my legs, and like spasms that make my legs kick out. Someone told me on an endo group that it can be to do with where the endo is growing xx

Thankyou for the reply I'm due on my period on sunday which im dreading so I was thinking could it be due to that it's so annoying and normal ibuprofen doesnt seem to touch it theres some swelling in my side too, endo sucks! Hope you get sorted xxx

I’ve had pain in my hip for a few years, in May I had a laproscopy and found endometriosis on my pouch of Douglas and peritoneum. I was told this wasn’t enough endo to cause my pain in my hip that now goes down my leg into my right abdomen. Last week I found out that I also have PCOS but I’ve been told this can’t cause pain.

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Hi thankyou for the reply, that's interesting. Iv had endo before but never had pains in my hips before. I can feel very sick with it too! Hope you get better soon it makes me feel better that other women have the same and you dont feel as on your own xx

I have leg pain at particular times in my cycle. It's like you describe and can be agonizing. If you experience cramps with it, I found a magnesium spray helpful for those but it won't help the shooting pain. My understanding is there are a lot of women who experience this.

Thankyou I will have a look and try anything it's just annoying isnt it xx

Yep, every month. I use CBD moisturiser on my legs in the morning and that usually helps for at least a few hours. I got it from Amazon.

Thankyou I will have a look xx

Hello! I am really sorry for your pain. It is quite common to have symptoms like the ones you are describing with Endo. There are so many nerves in our pelvic region, especially at the sacral plexus. Sciatic nerve pain is typical for woman with endo, which is the pain you are describing. It is very uncommon for Endo to grow on the nerves, however, the pain radiates , thus affecting areas of the body that do not necessarily have lesions. I was having nerve pain throughout my body, hips, buttocks, down my legs, knee and into my feet. It also reached my neck, shoulders and down my arms. After my lap, all my nerve pain disappeared. Before my lap, I had asked my doctor if he thought Endo was growing on my sciatic nerve, he said no, because of the type of the intermittent pain I experienced on both sides of the body. He was right, I did not have Endo on the sciatic nerve, which was a relief because this type of surgery is very tricky and can only be operated on by a few surgeons in the world. It is important however to speak to a specialist about your Endo and receive the proper treatment. Again, it is very uncommon to have Endo on the nerve, while 50% of women with Endo experience leg pain. I hope this helps!

See this article: endofound.org/neuropathy

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