10 days post aborted lap converted to open left ovary and tube removal from endo metriosis

Converted from lap to open for ovarian removal due to questionable mass on ovary. 10 days post. Night sweats, nausea, pain from gas, moving bowels, can barely walk about house. Feeling very out of sorts and out of control. Haven't slept for more than 2 continuous hours since surgery 11-17. Any feedback on recovery time and time for hormones to level and for the right one to pick up the slack?? Anyone else going through these symptoms? Feeling awful.....

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  • I have had pretty much same as you although I had a bowel resection as well.

    Very little sleep since op and I'm on week 4 now .

    it does settle gas pains ,nausea etc but I still have lack of sleep due to night sweats

    Can't offer any advice sorry ,fust to say you are not alone!

    I'm due back to work tomorrow ,reduced hours ,but dreading the tiredness

    Really hope things improve for you I'm sure they will it's still early days

  • Thank you so much for the encouragement. Just knowing we are not alone helps. I'm still using heating pad to abdomen. Bowel movements are tortuous. I'm supposed to go back to work in three weeks but I don't think I'm going to make it. I work ten hour shifts on my feet all day. Have a m d fu appt next week. Did you have one ovary removed or two? I'm 43, had several laps before for endometriosis but this has been a whole new experience, with the hot flashes and night sweats and crying. I hope you do well back at work. Please take it easy and I will pray for you as well.

  • I too am 43 and have May laps ,but as you say this one really knocked me sideways I reached a point that I would never be ok again that was about week 2 then slowly started to turn a corner and feeling more with it ,

    I had one ovary removed as well ,I was on a course of zoladex for ages before this surgery so hot flushes could be due to the left over of that

    Plus ovary gone .

    Be kind to yourself you will get there but as we've found out it's taken longer than expected

    Take very good care

  • Let me know how you get on

  • Thank you so much. I will keep you posted! And keep me posted how getting back into society goes! Good luck with your first day back. I pray it is smooth for you.

  • Hi sweetpea

    Have just returned home after only managing 4 hours at work on my feet

    Have booked some holiday for next week and the week after went back far too soon !!!!

    Please don't do the same 6 weeks minimum keep forgetting like you, was opened up as well as lap .

    Hope you doing ok I sort of feel a bit better by taking the pressure of work away and they were pleasingly understanding

    Take care onwards and upwards!!!

  • Oh I'm so glad! Was worried how you were going to fare. Glad you made it but know you are exhausted. I have a post op appt next week. I was scheduled lap but he had to abort and open so I'm going to tell him I need 6 weeks instead of three. Fingers crossed he will think so too. He's pretty good about things. I'm worried about standing all day. I finally got a little sleep yesterday. Feeling like I might make it!! This forum really helps. Eliza 1969 needs some encouragement too. She like u, will have bowel surgery and is apprehensive. They cancelled her surgery tentatively. Get some much needed rest! Rest assured work will be fine and be there when you get back!!! Take care of yourself! I know you are relieved!! Keep in touch with progress! :)

  • Hi had left tube and ovary removed last Christmas felt pretty much like you do but hang on in listen to your body and rest when it's telling you to and you will get there. I had a cut as they couldn't do it keyhole so had 8 weeks off work. Every week you will feel a little better you will start to feel yourself, I promise. Good luck and a speedy recovery

  • Thank you so much for the support. Last night was a little bit better.

  • I'm due to get ovarian masses 8.5cm and 4.3cm and ovaries removed cervix Fallopian tubes womb and bowel endo tethering so maybe stoma bag as have also extensive diverticulitis so mightn't be able to reattach as severe endo also Iv to go in on Monday and op is Tuesday! I'm in ill health at 46 with blood clots and strokes and have other conditions! Recently lost my husband 23 months ago to aggressive cancer in 28 days! All my kids 4 girls are adults and I have 4 grandchildren but lost my 44 year old brother suddenly also 6 months ago! I hope to just survive the op am feeling really vulnerable x

  • It really helps to get on here and share stories. I will keep you in my prayers as well. Get a good pillow to hold on to for after and take the pain meds but also if they will allow with the condition of your bowels, try to start a stool softener ASAP. The gas is the worst part. I'm so very sorry this is happening to you. Sounds like you are a very strong person! Mablesky also had bowel surgery so hopefully she can offer some advice there. You've got this girl!! I'm here if you need to talk but hang in there and know we know all the feelings post surgery. You are not alone in this. Keep us updated and will be praying for quick healing for you!

  • Just got a call from hospital my surgery cancelled as there is a winter crisis and they only operating on critical and I'm urgent

  • Prayers that the reschedule will be soon for you but give you the time to come at peace in your heart with your upcoming surgery. I will continue to pray for comfort and peace for you during this difficult time. You will get through this!! Hopefully winter gets better and you can have the surgery and be on toward positive healing.

  • Thanks I'm just in shock from a call so close I've waited 6 months

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