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Swelling on right side of abdomen. Endometriosis

I am currently waiting for a appointment date for Laparoscopy to diagnose (and treat if necessary) endometriosis. Although everyone I've seen so far has confidently said it probably is (this has been going on over 6 months now). However I have quite a lot of swelling on my right side where most of my pain is, is this normal to swell up in one place or on one side?

thanks in advance

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I've had endo stage 4 for 6 years now, only diagnosed 2 years ago after terrible pain all the time, constant hospital trips and docs, always to be told its nothing anyways that's another story lol, but everytime I'd get really bad and normally pass out my stomach would swell up like a balloon and could last for days, hard to walk ect, even now after my lap, my stomach will swell on the side I'm getting pain, at the moment it will be on my right side as I have another 2 cysts on my ovary, and both stuck, so I think it's normal to have swelling well with endo that is


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