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Endo pain causing hell


Hi there, im looking for some asvice if any ladies going through similar as me. My name is Emma im 27 and last Nov I was diagnosed with moderate endo after months and months of pain and hell and many trips to a&e. I had lap performed and my tubes were clear just a tiny bit of scar tissue by my overies, also had my tubes flushed. 2 weeks after this I became pregnant but sadly i miscarried after 11 weeks. I then had erpc operation to remove the fetus. Very very heartbreaking. My period then returned 4 weeks after, quite a heavy one which I expected it to be as i hasn't had one since November. I am not having such bad pains in my lower back and stomach (by my overies) also some niggling pain in my upper stomach. I fear that the endo had returned but it feels like it's back with a vengence! I thought at first maybe I had an infection but now I realise it's my endo... I am so scared that I won't be lucky enough to conceive a second time and I don't know what to do here I feel so so sad. I am going back to the doctors to try and get back withy gynie as he signed me off after me being pregnant. I don't know whether another lap would be in order? Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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I am so, so sorry to hear you had a miscarriage <3 that must have been heart breaking. As for seeing your gynae doctor, ring his personal Secretary and tell them everything and how you need to see them asap as you know your own body and feel it has come back with a vengeance. Really hope you get some help asap <3

Bobbyt23 in reply to MrsT2013

Thank you, I was wondering if I could call the secretary but I wasn't sure if I'd need to go via the doctors which I do not want to do as I waited a total of 9 months before I even managed to see a gynie. It's just so aweful and makes day to day life hard and the thought of not being able to concieve again is killing me :( x

MrsT2013 in reply to Bobbyt23

I promise you, I understand the heart break the thought of not being able to conceive can do to someone, you can't put it into words. Whenever I need to see gynae, I personally ring his Secretary, who asks for a letter from my GP and get in asap. Youhave every right to see them, I near enough demanded a laparoscopy as I had been on prostap injections for years, was off them for 3 months and had horrendous pain, my gynae said it couldn't possibly be back that bad again so quick but would do a laparoscopy... When he did it, I ccame out 4 hours later as it was. everywhere. 3 months after. that I was pregnant. You just have to be polite but firm as you know your own body <3

It's so frustrating, me and my partner were trying for about 8 months and nothing... That's when I knew something wasn't right so the thought of trying again for another 8 months and nothing happening I can't deal with it its just so sad that we go through this it's an aweful thing for women to go through. People keep saying, it will happen when it happens but with this condition it's not a case of that. I can live with the pain day in and day out but I can't live with the thought I may never be a mum. :( how is your endo now? Can they prescribe any medication or anything to help? The pains that I get in my upper stomach make me wonder if I have ashesions there aswel, my overies are hurting now all the time again which makes me think the ashesions are back there and sticking together like they were before. So so frustrating I'll have lap day in and day out if it means my fertitility will be helped. X

It's not fair at all <3 so hard trying for a baby and feeling hopeless. Unfortunately my endo has gone too bad now and I have to have a hysterectomy and my ovaries removed. Never thought I'd say that at 29. I hated people saying that too, that people asking me after our daughter was born when will we try for another as they didn't know. I truly feel your pain :( you have EVERY right to see them again and have a baby that you deserve <3

I'm so sorry to hear that, that's just aweful :( did you concieve your first child while you knew you had endo? Did you find it hard? God it's just an aweful thing to have to go trough. I'm feeling so depressed and alone :( xx

I've know I've had endo since I was 19 after 9 years of awful pain, heavy periods etc. I had to have many laparoscopys and prostap injections for many years. When me and ny husband wanted to try for a family we knew it was going to be very tough and not know if it was ever going to happen. After 7 months of trying and after a 4 hour laparoscopy I found out on Valentine's day I was pregnant. I can't tell you how alone I felt/feel at times. It is this horrid, unwanted 'thing' inside of you that does nothing but cause such physical and emotional pain. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't feel like this, you are not alone. I can guarantee that every woman who reads this feels exactly the same. Say to yourself tomorrow morning you'll start getting it sorted and the help you need, as unbelievably hard as it is, try and stay positive <3

God what a long road it's been for you it sucks :( ive been on the pill since I was 25 which i believe masked my problems of endo... It's strange because soon as I came off it I was taken to hospital with PID so I never knew I had endo I presumed I had reocurring PID as the symptoms are very similar so that's why I done a urine sample the other day to see if it was an infection I have but I now realise it's not, it is just the endo returned. When I had the op in nov I still had some pain but not as much then I fell pregnant straight away and the endo pains disappeared so ive been without the pain for almost 4 months which was bliss but boy has it hit hard again. Thank you for your support... Tomorrow I am going to call his secretary and go from there, hopefully I won't be waiting so long again this time. It's hard when you don't know anybody going through the same thing , I feel I have nobody to talk to and when I gget so depressed it's hard to talk to people and open up because a lot of them don't know what it is xx

It has/is hun <3 I know what you mean, I also have no one with the same condition, it can make you feel very isolated. I truly wish you the best of luck with everything and that you are not waiting long to see someone. When you do get to see someone, don't leave until you get what you want/need. Big hugs <3

Thank you hun, it's just so nice to be able to speak to someone who actually understands and is going through the same thing. Xxx

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