new to endo, new to site and now pregnant

hi, joined this site after lap in may resulting in finally being told i have endo after years back and forth from doctors, was bit out of it when dr spoke to me whilst coming round, but from what i gather from all the lingo ive stage 4, pouch doughles, marks on tubes and bowel stuck to womb. had follow up in june where endo dr said about giving me six months to try for baby then decide on if i would like help or further treatment for endo. anyway long story short me and partner got head round not having a baby and wanted help for endo as left my job in april as couldnt cope any more... then bang july find out im pregnant, im now 13 weeks and bricking it to put it politely, i have a 10 year old daughter who ive now told a few days ago after a good dating scan, but i was barely out of school uniform when i had her and didnt take well life seriously let alone pregnancy. just wondered if anyone could offer advise on being pregnant with endo... ps sorry if spelling poor on old laptop as cant get near a tablet in this house.

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I literally could have written this myself!

I'm just over 5 weeks pregnant too, first pregnancy.

I would also love any tips on endo in pregnancy.

Did you have early cramps? I keep getting them, not bad but they are definitely there X

yup, i had bad cramps all right sided i rang my doctors who rang back in the afternoon and sent me to ane the following day i had and early scan. showed everything was ok and i was 6 weeks, which calmed my nerves alot. since finding out ive been back to endo clinc this week as was ment to be talking about op for bowel surgery, i told her my good news and she was so much more reasurring than my doctor, she said the first 3 months the pain will be worse. then said the pain im feeling is more than likely the endo as everything moving/growing. have you had any sickness yet? x

ps, congratulations on your pregnancy xxxx


I've had pain everyday, talking to midwife on Monday. I want an early scan too. Did it settle your mind that everything was okay?

I'm constantly worrying it's not right.

No I've had no sickness yet, fingers crossed I don't get it! When is it supposed to start?

Have you had any other symptoms?


Same I'm in pain daily, more of a constant pain then almost electric shock stabbing pain that just shoots.. I had sickness from bout 6/7weeks but was so much morning more evening that seemed to drag on. Then sore boobs. Its was like loads symptoms at one for few weeks now all settle back to just endo pain. Apart from bad heartburn all the time. Yup after my early scan felt more relaxed as seen the heartbeat you couldn't see much as was on 6weeks but knowing it was real and okay if that makes sense then I promised myself to start being more positive. Just had my 12week scan last week and fully formed moving legs etc.. X

What annoys me is all the doctors say once your pregnant you'll get no pain etc! They have no idea.

I'm the same I just want someone to show me it's real and everything is okay with the baby. Then I'll stop worrying!

Ahh 12 weeks scan must be amazing! Can't wait to get to that stage.


See they told me for the first three months your be in a lot more pain untill the placenta takes over and hormones kick in. But come back if I feel not normal pain. Well that was no help. I'm now told pain is stretching. On way to the 12 week scan my right leg kept almost giving way then when had the scan baby was on right side to point I had lie on side and wiggle bum so they could get a better view. The doc said as she could see the endo even in the ultra its most likely leaning on the nerves and as most mine seem to be stuck to each other. With the early scan I had to have an internal just thought I'd pre-warn you in case they do offer you one.. I did feel so much better after first scan, gonna sound crazy but I even started thinking have I tricked my body to thinking I'm pregnant as its something I wanted. I just had to see a heartbeat x

I have just found out I'm pregnant - very early days just missed my monthly and had a pos test last week so not getting too excited just yet!

However, I have been experiencing really bad pain on my left side, which is the side which I have the most pain during my monthly!!

My lap was reported as clear but my doc wanted me to have lupron injections as he thought endo was probably there causing my uterus to become retroverted etc etc ...

Were your cramps worse during early days? Anyone have more pain on one side?

Also i had horrendous back pain from around conception - due to retroverted uterus no doubt! That's what made me think I may be pregnant! Anyone else experience back pain?

Sophie x

Sophie I am te racer same just 6 weeks and having awful left sided pain where my endo is!! Making me so so worried as had three previous misscarriages xx

Meant to exact same haha dam phone!!

Congratulations Sophie, I had pain in my right side still have to this day. Might be worth mentioning to your doctor they might arrange an early scan which is reassuring. My endo nurse said the pain sounds about right as my right fallopain tube is badly effected.. I knew I was pregnant and tested on day my period was due as kept saying to my partner this month feels different. Worse pain. I even passed out in kitchen from pain and that was three days before I tested. My pelvis is constantly aching and gone are the days I could chuck pills down my neck. But I'm trying swim more often to keep my hips moving. But struggle to stay asleep at night. But I'm now not being so hard on myself if I wanna nap I try find time. I've been shattered for weeks barely brushed my hair. Been on emotional rollcoaster for last two months. I'm bag of nerves over most pains. But now I'm gonna try concentrate on being more positive I wanna do this happy, endo has had to many bad days x

Congratulates Sam, I wish you a happy pregnancy. I'm so sorry to hear about previous miscarriages, must of been very hard for you. All I can say is no wonder your worried but try not to be. (I know easier said than done,I'm not in your shoes) but I've driver myself mad with worry. Literally tuning into every twinge in my body I was that paranoid. When half the time it was gas lol. I'm hear if u wanna rant, moan whinge, or whoop for joy. Not sure what good I'll be as don't really understand endo. But I get fear x

It's so nice to speak to other people in the same situation X

Same here, I've got to see a consultant on Monday not even sure what this one is for seem to have app for one thing or another lately. Keep me updated with how things going speaking with midwife x

Endo is just constant isn't it!

Will do.

Fingers crossed everything is okay.

Good luck with your appointment too


Have an early scan booked for Friday morning due to pain and endo. Midwife wants to just check the baby isn't ectopic.

Fingers crossed everything is okay x

Aww I'm glad they offered you a scan, mine was to rule out ectopic from right sided pain. Try to relax till Friday do things to take your mind off it. I find the wait can be gruelling. Fingers crossed for yoiu hun x

Keep me updated xx

I would have gone private if not, but at least I don't have to worry about that now.

I'm working all day everyday so at least that keeps me busy, just feeling knackered now!

How are you feeling?

Will do, thankyou xx

Hi jade, sorry for loing reply I've had a terrible sickness bug won't go into to much detail but wasn't pretty. How are you feeling about Friday? X

how was your early scan hun? so sorry not been in touch sooner, hope all was well. how are you feeling? hows the endo been? xx


I too have endo and am about 9 weeks pregnant

Apparently our endo symptoms should calm down while we are pregnant

What are your cramps like I am getting liads of stretching pains daily

Some groin pain


Congratulations to you too

Apparently so. I get a lot pains more so when I stretch to grab something if they makes sense and like tops of my thighs\groin..


Thank you fingers crossed for us all! X

hi hun, how are things going, hope all is well? xx

So I had an early scan to rule out eptopic since I keep getting left sided pain and due to my previous miscarriages, everything is in the right place however no heartbeat found yet so another scan in two weeks hope to god it okay! Every twinge I think I'm

Going to loose it, nice to know I'm not the only person!

Good luck everyone xxx

Hi Sam, its a shame there making you wait a further two weeks, thast must bve hard. But if all is in the right place sounds positive. I hope your keeping OK. Sorry been long reply I've had a bug x

hi sam, how is everything hope all is well? xx

Wow, a cluster of pregnancies here! Congrats everyone! I am also newly pregnant, 5 weeks + 4 days just now. Very early days and they are crawling by - very aware of the heightened miscarriage risk with endo, feels daunting, but probably best not to think about it too much. I'm having an early scan on Tuesday to check for ectopic.

Congratulations, wishing you all the best for Tuesday. Keep us updated.. And your right try not to worry easier said than done x

hi, i've not been on here for quite a while, how did your early scan go. hope all is well? xx

Hi there, my early scan was good, foetus in right place and heartbeat visible - it was mind-blowing! I'm now about 10 weeks and hoping everything is still OK. It still seems such a long wait to the 12 week scan, I'm so impatient! How are you doing? Has your pain eased off at all? Are you getting a second trimester glow? :)

hi, so glad to hear your scan was okay, i know its seems such a drag have you the app date through for your dating scan? .

my pain is still very much there but im learning to not panic so much. its more present in the tops of my legs, but if i sneeze its sends sharp pains across. i had my 20 week scan yesterday which was all good but the baba was lying in a awkward position despite me doing star jumps in the middle of the room ha ha not flattering so have to go back in a weeks time to measure the heart n brain again. ive booked in for a 4d scan for the 13th nov and going to find out the sex then,

are you going to find out the sex? or leave for a surprise? x

I'm glad to hear all was good at your scan, even if they couldn't quite see everything - the star jumps sounds funny! Good that you are feeling less panicky too. You are half way through!

I have my dating scan this Thursday. It's finally close lol! My nausea is already easing off, but still feeling shattered a lot of the time.

Did you have any endo removed during your lap? I didn't, and I've been wondering about what will happen to all my adhesions as things grow (I have adhesions between various bits and the pelvic side wall) - do they stretch, break, or get in the way? I might try to speak to my gynae about it.

I think we'll want to know the sex at the 20 week scan if possible :)

All the best, keep in touch! xx

Hi, I'm not sure what happens with the endo I've not been told a lot other than to ring 6 weeks after the baby is born. I don't quite understand how the pregnancy won't effect it in some way. It all seems a long waiting game for any answers. I didn't have any endo removed in lap as they said they need a bowel specialist and then when I went back for follow upnid already fallen pregnant lol so they weren't interested in discussing any action. Do feel like I've been left in the loop a lil.

Had my 4d scan yesterday but baba was up to its old tricks this time feet in front of face even tho I did the dreaded star jumps again. But found out were having a boy well that was pretty much all he would let us see. Like he was showing it all off. I was limited to the pics I could choose and my daughter thought it was all gross ha ha.. How long till your 20 week scan? Have you managed to find out anymore info? Xx

I'm sure you will find out next steps after the birth. Hopefully pregnancy will be good for the endo.

That is hilarious, your wee boy is quite a character lol!

I have my 20-week scan during Xmas week. really looking forward to Xmas this year :)

How are you blueeyedshorty? Haven't been on here in ages!

Hope your pregnancy is going okay xx

hi, sorry its been a while argument with internet supplier resulting in new company installing later in the month drag, I hope everyone is well and okay. would love updates on everyone's growing bumps. hope to be on here a lot more often soon... fingers crossed for you all ladies xx

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